Autumn Fall Rescheduling

Happy Autumn Fall and Happy October!

There’s something about the Equinoxes more than the Solstices that leave me wanting a change or a wake up in scheduling, new energy, or being more reflective. Maybe it’s the equal length of day and night wanting balance. Maybe it’s the change in light, change in temperature. Solstices feel more about new beginnings; beginning of longer days in the winter, heat in the summer. Equinox’s are like the detox to the cold and heat or light and dark. 

If August flew by without being able to catch my breath, September didn’t want to be left out. Before I knew I was back to rushing about getting places on time. Climbing classes have started again, the zoo closes earlier, appointments, the sun sets around 19.40 (why can’t the longer days stay? Because Earth has a gravitational orbit it needs to stick to so you get that sunlight Nat and that means a few months of less sun.). I say this every Continue reading “Autumn Fall Rescheduling”

First Week Of Autumn Fall 2017

Last weekend saw La Merce. A 4 day celebration of one of Barcelona’s patron saints with events held across the city including one of my favourite events here, Correfoc! A chance to run with dragons, fireworks and chase devils! It’s completely crazy and I don’t know of anywhere else where you can run under fireworks spinning above your head! 

Anyways, a weekend and week catch up the following weekend because why not?

Backtracking to last Friday, the first day of autumn fall… Continue reading “First Week Of Autumn Fall 2017”

La Cabalgata de Reyos Magos/The Three Kings Parade Barcelona 2017

Without fail The Three Kings and their entourages roll into town every 5th of January being led by the North Star. Just like Santa Claus somehow squeezes down chimneys and air con units (not sure he gets into places without chimneys. He’s a little big for air con units. Maybe he sends an elf) to deliver presents on Christmas Day, The Three Kings over The Holidays bring presents on the 6th January. Ask any Spanish kid who brings Christmas presents most’ll say the Kings. Santa has a huge delivery list in Spain, Caga Tio does its thing in Catalunya however it’s the Kings who rule. Most kids will get a visit from Santa and the Kings.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This year unlike Continue reading “La Cabalgata de Reyos Magos/The Three Kings Parade Barcelona 2017”

Los Reyes Magos 2016

As the rest of the world gets back to normal after New Year, Spain’s still in party mode until next week. Any Spanish kid will tell you it’s the Kings on the 6th January who brings presents, not Papa Noel. Some houses Papa Noel and the Kings drop by except the Kings don’t do chimmeys. They have more style.

They arrive with their entourage including the coal train for naughty kids, parade through streets on the 5th. Just image being a kid seeing Kings roll into town and the next day waking up to presents! It’s a great time to visit Barcelona, the sales are about to start on the 7th and you can’t help but get caught up in the magic of the Kings if you happen to pass them by!Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016

Unfortunately I missed the arrival this year of Casper and Melchior as my usual bike route into the centre was blocked. I ended up taking long way to the Via Latieana and then find somewhere to lock my bike. All the usual bays were taken or too many people to push past to find to one. The Kings arrive by boat in Port Vell around 5pm with the main parade starting around 5.50-6pm at Placa Palau, up Via Laietana snaking through the city until the Magic Fountain at Placa Espana. I’ve only ever watched it from the end of Via Laietana (habit out of previously living in El Borne) so I’ve no idea if the entertainers excitement’s still as energetic an hour later. I found a spot just in time for my favourite King, Balthasar to pass by. He’s my favourite as he’s got the most lively entourage, African drums and is the kids favourite as he’s the one who leaves the presents! For some reason the only in focus shots I got were of the Carbon/Coal train at the end, which is also the most livest! Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting coal.

King post box which kids hand letters over for posting.Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016

The parade starts with a bedtime story of the Kings, At the start and towards the finish, little children get ready for bed on beds kinda like hospital beds. The visual effects, imagination and time that goes into the parade is amazing. Each Kings arrival’s heralded by glowing orbs. Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016

King Balthasar Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016

Presents! Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016

The parade lasts about 40 minutes and after the carbon train you get sweets! Hundreds of caramelos blasted from caramels canons which everybody scrambles to get. And no, you don’t give any up to the kids. You pocket them. Which is why there’s a coal train.

Tren de CarbonLos Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016

Bedtime. Dreams filled with toysLos Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Caramelos, Sweets, Candy!Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016And ticker tape. I don’t want to be a kill joy however I was surprised how much ticker tape for a city that’s up on recycling and waste. It lined the streets later shopping. However in the moment, it only adds to the magic! Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Each town and city through Spain hosts their own Kings Parade. I’ve never been, but Madrid’s is said to rival Barcelona’s!