Project Light: February. The Short Long Month

February. The short but long month!


Still finding free places to visit in the city, before it got dark I found myself exploring parts of the city I hadn’t visited for ages, yet are a slight detour down a road I normally walk while in the centre. Along the way I found new art supply shops, graffiti mural walls and free exhibitions making up for the cold and grey days that made this February drag on longer than 28 days. All the photos are from the first week of February.

Pigeon and tree branches matching each other shape

Re exploring the city centre. I think I stop venturing down these streets years ago as they get busy with tourists.

Catalan architecture is a mix of everything

Biblioteca de Catalunya. I’m sure it’s prettier in the summer and at night when lit up. Once a former hospital it’s now the Library of Catalunya. I only wanted to visit the courtyard as Google Map reviews had some cool photos. I’m learning photos can be deceiving! It’s actually a lot smaller and I think the better courtyard is inside. I started using last year Google Maps as way for finding things to do or go. I either on the app, zoom in and out and pick a name that intrigues me or use the search option. It’s also how I find shops, places etc I’m looking for rather than going online. Depending on the reviews I go or not. Reviews however can be deceiving too!

Most of these were taken on my phone. It was too dark to play around with ISO.

Catalunya has a thing for giants. Barcelona Council had an exhibition on the lady giants. Some date back to 1800 something and are still in use! The exhibition was also in a building that I’ve been wanting to peek in but always walked by, Palau de la Virreina or Virreina Palace!. This exhibition was free!

The smaller ones are ‘carried’ by kids. You can see the mesh to look out of. Each giant has a human that walks underneath it!

Barcelona has various graffiti walls around the city. These are from the one outside the zoo. Free art!

Several of the ducks worked out that if they get out the water for snacks aka bread I don’t want to throw out but don’t want to eat, they get extra snacks.

I feel like I’m being judged!
Being judged again!
First signs of spring

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