May 2022 Part 2. Summer Say’s Hi

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I’m trying to convince myself at the moment, to life in the moment with August weather. The weather is perfect right now. 31C, not cloudy, the water’s perfect, the evenings are warm.

La Sagrada Familia from Port Olympic. Maybe in 2122 it’ll be finished!

A trip the Barcelona Zoo as usual last week had me a little nostalgic. I grew up in the countyside. My parents had 16.5 acres or 66775.5m2 which consisted of 2 fields rented out to a farmer for sheep, 400m from the road, trees for me to climb, a huge garden to play in. I loved it after dinner when I was allowed to play outside again. The zoo at the moment has the same light, feel in the air. I like going last hour as there aren’t many people around so it feels like I have a tropical garden myself. Every now and then I’m transported in random seconds back to being a kid playing out late on summer evenings. Or in Spain afternoons. It took while to understand why the evening’s in Spain start at 21.00. Anything before is the afternoon.

The prairie dogs just got cuter and cuter

The bitter sweet is the light now is changing as the days get shorter. Summer’s just over 6 weeks in and about 7 weeks it’s autumn fall falling into winter. I’ll happily live in summer temps. Although climate change is hitting. My underwater OlympusTG6 camera has a thermostat and some photos from around this time last year were still on the SD card. The temperature details are only on the playback not when uploaded. The water last year was around 24-25C now it’s 27-28C. I’m not getting as cold swimming and didn’t put it together until seeing difference checking photo info.

Back in May the second half of May the temperature was higher than usual. More like mid June onwards. It’s been like that before every few years but this time it was straight from 24C to about 30C. The water back in May hadn’t warmed up, but I was in the water ASAP as I’d been waiting all year round to be back in my underwater world. Though the Mediterranean side of Spain is known for it’s long summer season it’s only really for 2.5 months you can snorkel without freezing unless midday. Summer really is short. 

May and June are amazing fog/mist days. Usually it starts to the North East from the mountains and works its way across the sea and city engulfing tall buildings leaving you feeling like you’re living and working in the clouds.

Weekend Friday Favourites. 24.6.22

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Happy Summer!

How’s your weekend going?!The weekend started early here as today’s festivo, St Juan! The night before until sunrise Spain goes loco with fireworks, crackers and special coco cake on the beach. I don’t go anymore. If you’re not drinking it’s not much fun. I watch some fireworks and somehow manage to sleep through it all. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. It’s a long one as I’ve missed a few weeks. 


I’m back as much as possible as time and the sea allows in my summer world! The sea bed changed this year in the storms. It’s switched from rocky to sandy. I explained more in a recently post Under The Mediterranean Sea June 2022 Changes. There aren’t as many fish and I could change beaches but I’m just happy to be in the water. 


Weekend Friday Favourites. 22.5.22

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Summer’s arrived early this year and I don’t mind one bit! Winter now’s a long distance memory. I’m hoping summer won’t disappear quickly into autumn fall as it’s here early. Washing and putting away winter blankets and the last of the in-between clothes they seem so heavy and suffocating to wear looking at them. Just how putting away summer clothes as it gets cooler and colder they feel so thin and cold to look at. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Summer Beauty Essential: Portable Hand Fan

Project Light: February. The Short Long Month

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February. The short but long month!


Still finding free places to visit in the city, before it got dark I found myself exploring parts of the city I hadn’t visited for ages, yet are a slight detour down a road I normally walk while in the centre. Along the way I found new art supply shops, graffiti mural walls and free exhibitions making up for the cold and grey days that made this February drag on longer than 28 days. All the photos are from the first week of February.

Pigeon and tree branches matching each other shape

Re exploring the city centre. I think I stop venturing down these streets years ago as they get busy with tourists.

Weekend Friday Favourites

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I hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m actually travelling for the next few weeks! As much as I can I’ll try to post when I can. In the meantime, this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye. 

Storm Gloria, Sea Claiming Back

img_5876Beach access paths buried! 

Earlier this week saw perhaps the worst or biggest depending on how you look at it storm, Storm Gloria along this part of Spain and France in a long time. It was so bad I didn’t cycle! Usually I’ll venture out as storm’s here aren’t too bad. This one had about 60-70 kph winds with one part of Spain recording 115 kph, that whipped around the apartment accompanied with non stop rain. No way was I cycling. When Gloria had mostly past, outside was great running weather with the sea smelling alive. She took back the beaches. Sadly Gloria also took some human and non human lives. It was sad seeing trees that couldn’t brace the winds from being in the wrong part of town as the wind whipped down the blocks and open spaces creating funnels. Cleaning up is going to take a few weeks with Valencia’s rice industry taking a huge hit as seawater flooded the rice fields.

img_5881Ping Pong?