Weekend Friday Favourites 08.10.2022

Happy Autumn Fall!

Ringneck Parakeet yawning. Do birds yawn*?🧐

A Weekend Friday Favourites after months of absence? Yep! 

I hope you’re having a good week so far. Miss Koa has given me a few heart attacks with her antics this week. Like nearly jumping off the balcony. I forgot that 5 month kittens aren’t like senior cats I was used to with AJ and D. I’ve put up temporary mosquito nets where she tries to jump and have ordered cat balcony nets. When she doesn’t loose all sense of what she’s doing during extreme zoomies, she’s a cool cat. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

World Octopus Day

Today is World Octopus Day, a day to celebrate all things octopus! Did you know that even though octopuses don’t have a brain, each of their arms have clusters of neurons and combined with the neuron central nervous system that controls them, they have in effect 9 brains! Plus 3 hearts! 2 hearts to control their gills and one for pumping blood!

This little one is the only octopus I saw this summer. At first I thought it was a clump of seaweed however it wasn’t behaving like a clump of seaweed. I was so happy when I realised it was an octopus. It’s defence when a striped sea bream tried to nibble on it was lightening fast. On my Instagram Reels I shared today some clips I took before wishing it luck as I snorkelled on.

If you like octopuses please sign Lady Freethinkers petition against Spain’s proposed commercial octopus farm. The UK has already by law recognised octopuses as well as lobsters and crabs as sentiment beings. Sadly Spain wants to farm these inquisitive intelligent animals for food.


For about 6 or more years I’ve been every cooler weather season and winter a leggings girl. They just work with cycling everywhere. Last winter I was beginning to getting fed up with them. I usually go for Fabletics Anywhere leggings which I get in their Black Friday sales as they’re a little over priced for what they are. I opt for lighter weight Fabletics Define leggings in the in-between months. If I wanted to be light and springlike, black can be hard to pair up with. A girl sometimes wants to look different. I also got used to wearing jean shorts over the summer, liking the lighter colour.

Recently it’s been either shorts weather with a jumper in the evenings or it’s been too chilly for shorts. I knew I’d get too hot in leggings. So I purchased a pair of jeans! WTMF! They’re perfect for this time of year. So perfect, I purchased 2 more pairs (in Lefties of all places in Indigo and Lavender Blue. I know for someone who cares about the planet, Lefties isn’t the most planet friendly)! Thankfully quite a few of my in-between tops and winter jumpers go with them so I’m happy to finally break free of leggings. Plus the Lefties pairs have a lot of elastane in them to help keep their shape cycling preventing them getting baggy, which the main reason I wear leggings in the winter cycling everywhere.

Lady Koa 

How can I not include Koa in a Weekend Friday Favourites? Her first appearance! She was spayed a few weeks ago and recovered great. She didn’t like the cone, moonwalked out of rooms for a day until she learnt to work with it. She only removed it twice and was a trooper to the end with it. True to a cat, she didn’t miss a days worth of washing going through the motions. I was often woken up to the sound of her tongue licking the plastic cone while she ‘washed’. The first thing she did back after her final check up and cone freedom was wash. I think she she spent the whole afternoon cleaning as when I got back later she was damp. The next day her coat was back to silky soft.

Breakfast Muffins

Burnt bronzed is my baking speciality. In an attempt to sneak in extra calories as I don’t always eat enough in a day I thought of breakfast muffins. A random search lead me to Beaming Baker’s vegan breakfast bars which are more or less low histamine. My add ons not so low histamine are hazelnuts and dried cranberries. I switched bars for muffins as it’s less waste using silicone muffin cups than greaseproof paper. I’ve already made 2 batches so I like the recipe!

Snake Graffiti

Whenever I’m in El Born or the city centre I always seem to find this artist’s stencil graffiti peeking out from pipes, corner walls or bricks. 

Ikea Glass Pots 

I’ve been curious watching Hamimommy on YouTube use glass storage pots for food as to where she purchased them from thinking I won’t find similar in Spain. I needed to buy more food container pots however I didn’t want to purchase anymore plastic pots. Suddenly glass food containers are everywhere. My local hypermarket did a collect stamps if you spend so much to go towards a chef’s range of cooking utensils which featured glass food containers. It didn’t work out economical to save the stamps as the containers were still too expensive. They did have glass lids. Over the summer the same hypermarket had their own version, 3 different sizes in a set for half price. I ended up purchasing 2 sets as they work so much better at keeping food fresh than plastic pots. They also don’t retain smells after washing like plastic pots can. They do have plastic lids however. A trip to Ikea recently I found where Hamimommy gets her glass containers! All containers cheaper than elsewhere and more size options. As I already had 6 I opted for a set of 3 different sized round glass food containers for €5.50, with the only plastic the lids. The packaging was cardboard. Perfect for keeping fruit fresher for longer and perfect for pomegranate seeds which are in season! 

Autumn Fall Light

The light has so quickly been changing to crisp fall bright colours with a hint of golden winter’s glow. Its crazy that we’re only about 2 and half months until a new year. 

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*Do Birds Yawn?

Yes, they do!

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below and have a great weekend! 

Sunrise sunbeams

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