Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’re having a great weekend! As I’ve missed a few Weekend Friday Favourites, I’ll keep chit chat to a minimum and get straight in to what’s been making me smile recently or caught my eye.

Longer Days and Reverse Sunsets

I’m loving the longer days! Sunset’s around 21.15 and it gets dark dark about 30 minutes later. If only I could get up before the sunrises I’m good. That’s work in progress. The reverse sunsets at times recently the sea and sky on the horizon seemingly blur into one.

Longer days 

Barcelona Zoo

No surprise the zoo makes a feature. On my birthday I felt very honoured Lluna the resident cow was hanging out over her fence and let me stroke her. A Taurus saying hello to a a fellow Taurus so to speak. Normally she’s eating, drinking or just looks are me from further inside her enclosure (that I wish was bigger).  I can’t get over how massive she is or how silky soft her coat is.

I think the sign says don’t not give food. But then it could say don’t touch. Opps. 

Marimurtra Jardi Botanic

Botanical gardens so pretty I didn’t want to leave. Photos and a post coming next week! 

Diesel’s Summer Hammock

Diesel loves hammocks in the summer. He can be snug while having a cool air flow. I haven’t been able to find replacement stackable nylon cubes for ones that died a few years ago. He uses his flurry cat tree crows nest all year round but I’m always concerned how hot he gets. P suggested replacing his radiator hammock with a pillow case. Initially I didn’t want a pink one, however after buying a pillowcase I thought would fit, it was too long and too narrow. An old one I had fitted fine and he loves it!


Just because he’s tropper. He had an allergic reaction to his medicine (I believe it was the Metacam amongst the other medicine he’s on) to help reduce his arthritis pain and is currently sporting 2 hind legs wrapped up in socks (yes socks) and bandages. He licked away all nearly all the fur on both hind legs and on random patches on his back. His bandages after the vet and from subsequent days of finding additional patches on his other leg that resulted in more bandages along with him trying to take them off, resulted in his paws swelling up. P suggested a sock to avoid his feet swelling more. The trick worked. His paws are back to normal size, the socks are still staying on for the time being, taped up of course, with cute paw print flexible cohesive bandages the vet gave until he stops licking them. He’s not happy which I think is more to do with he’s also wearing the collar of shame to stop licking.

Sun Siestas

It’s warm enough for sun siestas!

Nike Flex Supreme TR5 Training Trainers

My first pair of actual training shoes that aren’t running shoes for the gym! In hindsight the black pair would have been better but I don’t think they were on sale. Regardless I’m loving these in the gym. The sole’s flexible, they’re lightweight and I can twist, jump, ninja burpee jump at ease and they’re responsive to my type of training. I found running shoes I used to usually use at times were a bit cumbersome during some exercises or combo moves. Having a flexible sole makes a huge difference when transitioning in say a push up with an opposite toe to hand touch. They’re so comfy, sometimes I forget I’m wearing them. The only issue I do have with them is during side planks. Sometimes the razor edge of my base foot feels a little out of alignment with how the sole’s designed when ‘balancing’ on it.

Internet Finds

Dog meat banned at Yulin Festival. Daily Mail. Rumours are pressure to stop eating dogs the annual Yulin Festival have worked! This is great news in fight of the dog and cat meat trade. Warning, the photos are pretty horrific. Side note, the same thing happens with cows, pigs, horses, chickens, sheep, goats, all the meat you see in you local supermarket. The animals have been slaughtered in front of each other. It’s culture that dictates what’s ‘acceptable’ ‘meat’ and what isn’t – Ted Talk Beyond Carnism.  I became firstly vegetarian then vegan mainly as I didn’t want something suffering for my enjoyment.

Goat Yoga. Nat Geo I’m not sure how much yoga I get done!

Gal Gadot and Conan. Youtube. I can’t for when her Wonder Woman movie’s released!

Forest Man. YouTube. An amazing guy in India who since 1979 has single handedly built a forest on ‘wasteland’ that’s now bigger than Central Park.

There are diseases hidden in ice, and they waking up. BBC Earth

Indian Air Force takes aim at gender norms. BBC News

Exploring South Sudan’s forgotten pyramids. CNN Travel

Lipstick and dresses return to Mosul’s streets. CNN (this one is hard to read. What they went through is unbelievable, I had tears reading. They are one brave city).

James Bond: The story everyone’s sharing about Roger Moore who sadly passed away this week. CNN. I read his autobiography a few yeas ago and loved it.

Floating is better than swimming for increasing sea survival. BBC News

Zimbabwe hunter ‘crushed to death by a shot elephant. BBC News. Karma?

Half of all the species are on the move – and we’re feeling it. Nat Geo

Can you pack a mummified head in your carry-on? Ask TSA. Nat Geo. A fun Instagram account to follow!

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!



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