Weekend Friday Favourites

The only way to beat the heat and cool off at the moment is a dip in the sea. Wednesday’s wee hours in the morning thunderstorm, which had me taping up the front door (wind whistling through work me up. There’s nothing like being 1/2 asleep trying to figure out the whistling at 4am and then wrestling half asleep with parcel tape), changed the wind direction making the sea a little cooler. The normal direction of the wind (SE) hasn’t been having any of that The last 2 days it’s been extra strong making the sea choppy and cooler. Perfect for beating the heat. But not cycling in. At times I feel like I’m just pedalling into air getting no where!

Happy Weekend! I can’t believe it’s the last weekend of July already. This month has gone by quickly. But not as quick as the chance of lockers at my gym. Slowly they’ve been changing the lockers from 50c locks to padlocks. Thursday I initially didn’t notice as the lockers I use hadn’t been switched (doesn’t everybody have ‘their’ locker at the gym) but I noticed a few people searching for free lockers. Then I realised overnight they’d changed about 95% of the lockers to padlocks. No warnings, no notifications, nada. Recently, 50c have been jamming and I think the cleaners, maintenance and members were getting fed up banging doors to trigger the 50c to drop. The gym’s definitely gonna rake in money charging padlocks. €10 per padlock! No way am I paying €10 for a padlock. I use 2 lockers! It’s a little inconvenient padlocks to 50c: lost keys, forgetting it, forgetting which locker’s yours. I hope the gym invests in some bolt cutters.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, a round up of things which have been making me smile this week or caught my eye.

Fabletics ScarfFabletics Scarf My Mum’s theory or excuse for buying things at times is, if you see and you know it’s right, get it as you won’t see it when you want it or are after it. Fabletics black and white stripy scarf is one of them. I won’t be wearing for at least 3 months, but I know I should get some wear out of it when I do. What got me was that it came in its own dust bag. It came in its own bag! I’m such a sucker for detail! The pouch I’ll be using for sure.

Kong ToysAJ and KickerooNew Toys! DieselThe cats I think thought Thursday was some sort of cat Christmas. They had chicken the night before, 2 boxes to play in, new scratching posts and a new Kong toy. Any house cat knows after bottle lids, paper balls and plastic straws, Kong toys are the best. Both their current scratching posts needed replacing and thanks to Miscota, I don’t have to carry them back. Just from the street door up in the lift! The Kong Kickeroo’s been a hit (I didn’t choose the colour, it was picked for them) and I’m hoping the sea grass scratching post lasts longer and sheds less than their old rope one. Diesel got a new zebra print barbers chair, aka a cardboard chaise lounge scratcher post. So called a barbers chair as it’s the only place he’ll keep relatively still while he gets brushed! He there sits ripping off pieces of cardboard while you brush him. It’s almost impossible to brush him anywhere else. Trixie Sea grass scratching post Diesel’s barbers chairDiesel barber's chair

Formula X Spirit Nail Polish

Formula X Spirit nail polish Perfect orange shade for summer thanks to Sephora’s 20% off week!

Weighted Plate Front Raise and Tone It Up’s Coral Reef Curtsy

Weighted fronts raises targets the front deltoids, shoulders and increases forearm and hand strength. There’s been a little hiccup over which distance running the Spartan Race, (I’ll find out soon), however in the meantime I’m hoping helps with all the bars I have hang, swing and move along! For now I can handle 5kg, 3 x 10. Coral reef curtsy, targets the postural muscles, shoulders, legs, adductors, abductors, core and gives a ballerina graceful feeling that front raises don’t!

Pigeons at the zooI see you! Pigeons, Barcelona Z00 I love this guys attitude. Waiting for the coypu’s left overs.

Internet Finds

Cat that barks like dog. Busted! I can believe this as I swear Diesel imitates seagulls and me saying no.

Rescued echidna puggle. Too cute!

Peta’s Don’t leave dogs in cars on hot days campaign

National Geographic: Their 10 most popular images that look kinda familiar!

Fraternal Twins. These girls can dance! 


I don’t like bananas much and may only think they’re only good in cookies, but I didn’t know they were under fungus threat again. I didn’t even know they had been under threat. Okay, one type of banana, but a similar fungus that wiped about the main banana in the 60’s is wiping out the current favoured banana. And there’s no stopping it. What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!


  1. says:

    I do those weighted plate raises for my shoulders (like in the video). I don’t know of any other lat exercise that makes your shoulders pop like that. (45x3x10)

    1. says:

      They definitely burn the delts towards the end of a set!

    2. says:

      They definitely burn the delta towards the end of a set!

  2. says:

    Wow 10 euros for a padlock! That sucks. Hope they clear up that inconvenience for you soon. I can’t believe it’s the last week of July either, as cliched as it sounds, the year is going by too fast haha. Also your cats are so gorgeous! I hope they’re enjoying their new toys 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. says:

      This year is going by too fast! But it provides a boost to get things going! The cats love their toys and say thank you for good looks comments (they know they’re gorgeous, cute and fluffy!). As for the padlock. I got 2 from the supermarket for €8 for both! No way am I paying €10 for a padlock! Have a great week too 🙂

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