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Happy New Year! 

Wishing you an amazing, happy 2020!

Last year towards the end I reined in on my YouTube addiction. It was getting bit out of control in the evenings. I actually ended up falling asleep anyway which helped cancel it out. Plus I was conscious of how it affected the cats. She’s on that again.

I lessened up Instagram as well. That I can take or leave. If I’m honest it doesn’t make me feel good. Especially the influencers with constant buy this, buy that! I follow a few but I follow more nature and animal grammers. I actually unfollowed a lot of influencers last year. It got too much, constant promotion adding to plastic already out of control. I mean did you see any unboxing videos? The amount of promotional crap and packaging?! I know when it comes to blogging social media is the guide to traffic to your blog so I’m doing things a bit backward. That’s okay! 

Anyways, my 2019 YouTubers! 

Brad Mondo

Hairdresser reacts videos to DIY hair fails. If I’m feeling down, Brad Mondo will cheer me up. Even though I don’t dye my hair and just know how to half blow dry my hair decent I’ve learnt a lot about hair from him. He now has his own haircare line from being on YT!

Theresa Roemer

I found Theresa Roemer from a Bonkers Closet video. When I found out she had her own YouTube channel I subscribed almost immediately. I also found her when she started doing YT more regularly. Her Motivational Mondays inspire and motivate me a lot and I look forward to her Wednesday and Friday videos. While I subscribe to some YTbers’ I don’t have notifications however I will actively seek out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays her videos. While most YTuber’s are in their 20s and 30s she’s proving age (57) has no limit. I have no desire to have a wardrobe as big as hers and while I don’t approve of fur coats and designer leather bags, I find her motivating and inspiring to get out of my own way. If you’re a fan, you’ll know that quote! 


I’ve only recently discovered Workman after it kept appearing in my feed. I now know why: I only sign in to subscribe to channels. The rest of the time I use YouTube signed out. That way I find more random channels not based on my usual viewing. Workman was high in the algorism as it was to appear in YT 2019 rewind a few weeks later. Workman always has me in giggles. Jang Sung Kyu each week works part time ranging from working in a cinema, amusement park, tyre repair shop, car wash, lifeguard, hotel, shop assistant, construction for one part time shift. Hence Workman. You never know what his next shift is! English subtitles take few days and you need to work hard pausing and rewinding to catch them. They go fast! 

The Great Big Story

I love this channel for quirky stories from the man who wears only red, weird clubs of the world (the Dull Men’s Club!), travel, dance, culture, cooking, Grandma’s dishes, Grandma’s who’ve got skills, science stuff, weird sh*t you didn’t know you’ve asked but have asked. It’s like Nat Geo with a twist. You never know what they’re going to feature next. I’m not doing a great job of describing it so best to check it out for yourself.

Chriselle Lim

One of the few influencers I’ll actually check in to watch. I’ll be honest I haven’t consistently for a few months, but I’ll drop in every now and then. I prefer her Catch Up with Chriselle vlog style videos to tutorials, hauls, although I don’t think she’s done a haul which is refreshing. Everybody’s nosey to people’s lives right?! She’s more fashion styling and tutorials. She too motivates me to get out of my own way. She was the first person who introduced me to Korean skincare way back when as I also follow her blog. I like how she’s not afraid to show the bad, the downs, behind the scenes and glamour and non glamour.

Bill Burr  All Things Comedy  Search on Youtube for TV appearances.

One of my favourite comedians! If it has Bill Burr in I’ll watch it! He also has his own channel via All Things Comedy where I mainly watch his videos as well as his TV show appearances more than his own name channel. His own channel is his podcast which I listen to on my phone.

LOL Network

I’m looking forward to Kevin Hart’s next What the Fit series. That series has me in giggles! Oh and Cold as Balls. He’s always trying not to get in the ice bath as much as his guests.

The Graham Norton Show

I binge watch sometimes on the clips from the main show. This has to be one of my favourite talk shows of all time. Graham Norton has a way of getting guests to open up freely retelling awkward moments, explaining social media stories, making the ordinary unbelievable. If I’m ever feeling down Graham Norton will cheer me up and have me giggling for sure (more than Brad Mondo. Shhhh!).

Tone It Up

I’ve been following Katrina and Karena for as long as I can remember on YouTube. While they’re still fitness and healthy lifestyle, fitness is now on their app and YT is more for motivation which I’m cool with. This girl needs lots of motivation outside of fitness to get stuff done and follow dreams!

Miss Darcei

Not your average YT make up artist. I like her tongue in cheek attitude as she try’s Black Girl Tries X make up look, has a thing for Kbeauty and always reminds you not to taking things so seriously.

Key and Peele

You never prepared the for the plot twists on their sketches!

And there’s Self’s gymnast and parkour swap, Refinery29 for ‘female focused lifestyle’ (I just like some of the content), animals rescues (I can’t watch many as I’m in tears), crazy cat and dog videos, the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner (yep, being nosey again!), GQ’s expert dissects/critiques videos: explosions in movies, accents etc, Vanity Fair for slang breakdown, Wired for breakdowns on how things work and science stuff, Vogue for 73 questions and beauty secrets. I try every now and then breakaway from above for animal and nature videos. I should probably watch more climbing videos to learn technique. Everytime I do I’m fired up to climb but spent 30 mins watching climbing videos so try not to. Prefer just climbing! I guess my watching habits haven’t chanced much from last time. Well yes. I put my phone down if I remember and feel WTF am I watching this? I’ve just wasted 5 minutes of my life! Sometimes I say out loud I need to get on with my own life, not watching others live theirs! Comedy hasn’t changed. Laugher’s the best medicine, right?! 😉

What/Who are your favourite YT channels? Please share in the comments below!

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