Cala Mondragó, Parc Natural de Mondragó, Majorca/Mallorca

Cala Mondragó beach is the place to be seen in Mallorca. Rather the posher place to be seen. 

Located on the southeast side of the island, Cala Mondragó is a sheltered cove in Parc Natural de Mondragó a protected natural space filled with turquoise waters and lined with pine trees. We got there late afternoon with the only spot for a siesta before the sun set was under a few beach pine trees in super soft sand. Pine needles get everywhere! The water was warm and sadly too low visibly to see any fish snorkelling on that day. It’s one of the recommend spots for snorkelling on the island which is why we went, even though it does take long time to get there from most other parts of the island. I remember my goggles keep fogging up so I couldn’t see anyway. Parking is about a 10-15 minute walk however it was quite safe to stow away belongings under a tree to walk around the park. Somebody had left a buggy/pram/stroller filled with belongings when we got there, that was still there after a walk around one of the many trails leading through the park. Returning from walking to the other beach was it had gone. 

The said buggy

Aside from a beach bar there aren’t any convenience shops so bring enough water and snacks to last while there. There’s a hotel and a hotel restaurant, lifeguards in the summer, beach showers, public toilets and you can rent paddle boats.

The walk from Cala Mondragó to Cala des Burgit takes you through an amazing pine tree wood that offers coolness from the hot August sun. There’s a former 16-17 century anti smuggler lookout dugout that was constructed as it is today in 1940, that served as military post along the way which you can explore in. Stick the path as I’m sure it’s where I got my tick bite from. A voice said don’t go through the bushes, stick to the path. I ignored it, got bit which turned infected and resulted in a few weeks later my first and hopefully last every trip the ER. 2 years later I still have the scar! 

Heading back from Cala des Burgit we walked 5 minutes along the sea wall from the other side of Cala Mondragó to S’Aramador the award winning white sand beach. S’Aramador is larger however due to its location the sun leaves the beach earlier.

The beautiful rock formations
Cala des Burgit

Cala des Burgit is the lesser busy of the 3 beaches and the walk there takes you through an amazing pine wood.

The lookout!
Cala des Burgit

There were several insect catchers strung between trees. I think for research purposes.

The seawall connecting the 2 beaches.

Boat house under the trail

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