Lanai Lookout, Oahu, Hawaii (I Think)

On the way to catch the sunset after Kailua Beach we stopped off at Lanai Lookout which has amazing views the rocks and ocean. Where the ocean hit the rocks and swirls it produced were mesmerising.  

The hill behind you can see the lava flows now taken over by nature. These lava flows continue to the rock in less quicker flowing layers. More like the end of the flow when it speed slowed down the lava spread out to be curved edges or perhaps it’s more where the ocean and wind has shaped the rocks. Signs are up saying no crossing beyond this point, but who obeys signs when the views are something else?

I didn’t know the exact location. All I know that after Kailau beach we went along coast road back to Honolulu. Every location I took few mobile photos to have the location stored, however in this occasion I didn’t. Thanks to Google Maps, Images and a little searching, it’s Lanai Lookout, a great whale watching spot. We didn’t see any and I didn’t have my glasses so I wouldn’t have been able to see anything but blue sea and sky. We didn’t stop long as we had that sunset to catch!

That sunset in next week’s travel post!

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