Kailua Beach, Oahu

We didn’t stop long at Kailua Beach as there was a sunset to catch later. The silky soft gets everywhere sandy beach. Sunny skies when we got there after hiking the Pillbox Hike. Clouds came later. Well, they appeared as soon as we found spot. That’s how the island went. Sunny mornings with few clouds, afternoons cloudy depending on what part of the island you were on.

Sun out of the clouds warm, behind the clouds a little chilly, but you know beach equals sunbathing if it’s 25C plus. The water was so warm. Bathwater water warm which meant I didn’t want to get out. Perfect with chilly thermal layer bits. I think it was quite shallow too. The bit we chose was close to a river mouth. People kayaking up to chill at the beach and an after school sailing club on outriggers. 

While tomando sol a little french bulldog got lost. S/He jumped over P to sit right by my head waiting for their human. I wasn’t bothered (well kinda as I had my bikini straps down and didn’t want to fall out if I sat up in that particular bikini). I was honoured they choose me to wait until reunited with their human. It’s human didn’t take long, about 30 seconds to find him/her again before being off again for daily adventures. Maybe I smelt safe for the lost minute. 

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean and being on a volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with no other major land mass around did freak me out a little. The islands aren’t that high above the water and they’re the largest mounds and mountains of earth in that part of the ocean sticking up from it. All volcanic which on some islands are active. It was like if I swam in the ocean one step too far I’d fall off into the Pacific. Those thinking moments I did feel a little unsafe on the island. Which is weird as I come from an island country, Great Britain. It’s bigger so feel safer. On holiday in Mallorca another island I didn’t think like this. Maybe as I was still in Spain with the mainland 30 minute commercial flight away. But then I’m more scared swimming in swimming pools of sharks than just of the shoreline. I think after watching James Bond and Deep Blue Sea someone’s going to open a trap door releasing the sharks. I freak myself out and have to get out the pool. But I’ll happily swim the Mediterranean sea. But where it’s clear and shallow. I’m not that crazy! 

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