Recycle Less: September Challenge. Did I Do It?

Last Month in Fast Fashion’s Inditex Join Life Label and My September Challenge I set myself a September Challenge. Aside from gym leggings and socks not to buy any other item clothing for the month of September instead shopping my wardrobe. Did I do it?

Technically yes. Technically no. 

Technically yes: I did get a pair of gym leggings and much needed socks. Socks can be expensive! I prefer Decathlon invisible trainer socks for the gym, running and everyday socks and while they’re cheapish €4.99 for 2 pairs, 6 packs add up.  

If we’re going calendar dates from ‘money’ to ‘money’ I did more or less do the challenge. If going full calendar month from the 1st to the 30th no. I’m not a zodiac monkey for nothing. 

Technically no: I did get a hoodie under the pretence of teaching classes when it gets colder. However as for now it’s the only decent looking jumper I have until a coat or jacket hides jumpers, I’ve been using it as a regular hoodie. Naughty Nat. 

My Mum every year gives my sister and I winter coat money, although we can use it for what ever we want. I always forget every year she does and trust me my sister and I buy coats, shoes or bras with it. I usually wear a winter coat for 2 winters with the money covering a coat and maybe a bra or pair of shoes. It wasn’t my intention to get an in-between autumn and winter and in between winter and spring jacket. I saw one and decided it would break up being dressed all in black when short puffer jacket season starts. Buy it now before when I need it for when I can only find big winter coats. I’ll be shopping for a big non down winter coat then anyway. So, this is a grey area under my Mum’s saying if you see it, get it, as you might not see it again along with another of her’s it’s only a bargain if you need it.

I did buy a t-shirt on sale which the universe bit me in the arse with. When I went return it, I couldn’t find the receipt. A nice way of the universe saying to stick to my word. P now has a new T shirt as it was from the guys section. And yes, I should have tried it on before buying. 

I also got a pair of lounge jogging pants after the September ‘pay day’ but still in September. Does that count? 

Was the challenge hard? No, not really. I don’t go shopping now with the intention of buying clothes. I might be looking out for something and if I am shopping with the intention for something specific it’s usually a winter coat, summer shorts or shoes that’ll take multi shops and visits. Most of the time I clothes shop when I grocery shopping. I’ll just pop in here and take a look. There’s usually that pre mentioned something I’m looking out for, but most of the time something will catch my eye. I’m quite good at saying no now if it’s not quite right. Some items I will take back if I couldn’t try on or saw it in day light and realise it’s a big no. I try to buy only what I’ll wear and listen to that inner voice. It’s usually right. When I don’t listen to it, items get returned. September was still warmish so I was in shorts shopping my wardrobe. Oh, I did buy another t shirt as it was a transition colour. Excuses! I usually grocery shop before the shops shut so I don’t have long to look around many clothes shops. It’s a good tacit but I do return a lot. If I know I’m not going to wear it much, I put it back on shelf, rack.

As for October I’m continuing not to buy many clothes. On my list for this month was a sports bra and gym knickers. Underwear isn’t cheap! I also got the said pair of lounge house jogger/Pj’s, a t-shirt and a jumper. The last 2 items I’m not sure on but that’s all the clothes budget for this month. It’s okay. Going grocery shopping at the mall/shopping centre or city centre half an hour before the shops close works for. Now the shops are on winter closing hours I have even less time. When I do have extra time to look around the non food shops, I enjoy it more and being out. I can try on clothes more or think about them more and put them back on the shelf more. To be completely honest I don’t wear all my clothes anyway. It’s more I get bored or the items get washed and worn out from those I wear more. 

This year with lockdowns, working from home, are you buying less clothes or buying just as many but more comfort lounge house clothes? Please share in the comments below!


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    I’ve been working from home for seven months now. I bought new casual clothes. I live in rock band t-shirts and leggings. Not fashionable but very comfortable.

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      Hahaha! T-shirts and leggings are my autumn fall, winter go to! They’re great with a thermal top and jumper too!

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