Winter 2018/19 Outerwear Staples

Spring’s just over a week away and I’m already in lighter layers so it’s only appropriate I share this winter’s outerwear wardrobe staples. It would have been better to have shared them back in January like most bloggers who’d have this season’s essentials down before it even started. But hey, my excuse I gotta see if they’ve worked! Some parts of the world are heading into winter so maybe this will be of help to someone. Also I can’t pose for shit and couldn’t tell a Dior from a Chanel unless it’s screaming logos. As guessed from the title, this isn’t a fashionista wardrobe must haves. It’s the girl who cycles as transport, has to be practical while trying to look somewhat put together.

Zara Non Down Puffer Coat

It took me a while to find puffer coat I liked this year. My previous coat was on it’s 3rd winter and beginning to look a little worse for wear. This winter there were so many pretty coats to choose from, however I had to be practical. I cycle as transport so I need a coat that’s windproof, has storm cuffs to block out wind travelling up sleeves, one that zips up, the zip has a fabric overlap and or fabric tab under lap/backing the zip to again block wind cycling, be non down, not be bulky as some non down coats can be, no crazy colours or logos, have pockets secure enough for my phone and keys, keep me warm, cover my bum for extra warm, last a few winters and maybe most importantly look chic! That’s not too much to ask for is it? A girls gotta have all aspects covered right?

Apparently it is when looking for non down coats. I’d loved the camel coats this season but from experience they do nothing keeping you warm cycling. Zara’s normally the best place to buy good quality coats that don’t cost a fortune. I try to avoid Zara, but they’re good for coats and jackets if you’re prepared to shift through the fashion for basics. Just when I’d given up looking for one, Zara came out with a late winter coat collection and this coat. It ticked all my requirements and more! For years I’ve worn a winter scarf as you know that’s what you do. If I’m honest I got hot during the day in one or shopping or my coat would come undone from the bulkiness of them. After trip back to the UK I ditched the scarf this winter. Rebel. With this coat I don’t need one anyway! It has a snuggly inner faux short haired collar trim which kept me warm and makeup transfer to a minimum. It also made it easy to clean off any makeup transfer. Initially I was put off by it being black. My previous coat was navy as I liked not being in all black or like everyone else all in black. The khaki version did nothing and I came to like the black. It kept me warm, it’s light weight and looking chic so I was happy! I kept the faux fur trim (always look for a coat that has a good faux fur trim with it going in one direction or hairs out away from the collar in the same direction. Real fur, shame on you) to break up the all black. The hood though was way too big. I cycle with a baseball cap to protect my hair from the wind so it held up otherwise I couldn’t see shit!

Photos from Within 24 hours of taking screen shots, they no longer sell the exact coat. They only had XS left! The coat also features a removable popper/press stud adjustable belt at the back.

Decathlon Snow Boots

I wasn’t looking for a pair of boots. I already had a pair of Sorel snow boots for running errands cycling. Generally it’s my feet and hands that freeze cycling. The Sorel ones however aren’t for walking for than 3km as my feet and shins hurt within a few weeks after every use. I was also working my Essex heritage with them being white which sometimes was a bit stark with black leggings, navy or black coat. Something said go down the winter boot isle in Decathlon. Initially I liked a pair of what I thought for the price was faux suede boots until I realised they were real suede. That’s another issue I have. So many cute boots, all leather. I’ve been tempted so many times and thankfully backed out. These caught my eye and weren’t a bad price, €29.99. I’m not a green or grey girl, but these were better looking than the all black version. Still unsure I took a chance and didn’t regret it. They kept my feet snug, maybe too snug as being waterproof which I didn’t get to chance to test this winter they’re not the most breathable boot. I left footprint trails removing them at the end of the day.

More than anything they’re comfortable to walk in, lightweight, look great with jumpers, leggings running errands away from the mountains as lets be honest, they’re not going to see any mountains or snow. They were even great on wet sand and mud thanks to the tread. The faux fur looks a little cheap, but it’s dark in the winter so nobody notices and it does break up the practicality aspect of them. I’m hoping they last a few seasons (recycling them maybe tricky due to the plasticity of them. Same with the coat and gloves below. That’s at the problem with being vegan and wanting to reduce plastic use to help the environment. Plastic includes clothes too).

The toe area looks bulkier in the photos than it is and they’re generous in size. I’m anything from a EU 38-39. These are size 38 with room for thick socks if needed. They were fine with trainer socks. A big bonus they keep your feet snuggly up to -1C no ‘activity’ and up to -12C with exercise 🙂 Inspired by another pair of snow boots I was tempted by, I tied the laces at the back of the ankle. I felt it took away the practicality of them slightly. Oh and they’re guaranteed for 2 years!

Decathlon Snow Gloves Wed’ze Warm Fit Adult Snow Gloves


This winter I was determined to find a better pair of gloves cycling. Okay, it wasn’t until popping into Decathlon to use their free bathroom passing through the snow accessories I realised I wanted a better pair. Usually I use kitted stretchy gloves but they let the wind in resulting in fingers you can hardly move. Trying to turn keys with frozen hands is impossible and painful. These were only €6.99 and not too bulky. I was what the hell just try them for that price! I’ve tried snow gloves previous cycling and couldn’t brake they were so bulky. These kept the wind out, my fingers warm, by not being too bulky I could brake and use my phone thanks to the touch screen fingers and thumb design. They took up a bit of room in my rucksack, but for warm hands later that was cancelled out.

If I was a better blogger I’d have photos of me in the pieces mentioned. So you get a pre hair hairdresser appointment in the bathroom instead.


What were your wardrobe staples this winter? Please share in the comments below! Mine also included Uniqlo long sleeved thermal Heattech tops still going strong on their 2nd winter, and & Other Stories jumper that became favourite as in the photo and a strike for a being a bad vegan (flip side I didn’t buy a lot of poly blend easy to ruin laundering jumpers that dump plastic filaments in the water system) and Fabletics 7/8 high waisted Powerhold leggings. The higher waist kept me warmer and more put together with shorter length cropped jumpers. 


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    I have a similar coat, also from Zara but from the 2012 collection I think, hahaha! I had to replace the zipper and sew the inside of a pocket because it got a hole, but apart from that it’s in great condition. However this winter I think I only wore it once as I have two other coats (non puffer).

    I didn’t know vegans don’t use wool either. Is it because the sheep get stressed when they are shaved? I’ve seen sheep being shaved (my family breeds free-range sheep in the countryside in Caceres) and although they didn’t look very comfortable while doing it, if they were not shaved I think they would be even less comfortable in the 40 degree summer (or maybe their wool actually regulates heat and they would be fine?). No idea how it is done for “industrial” wool though.

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      Zara can be good for coats if you look after them! I do have to sew the pocket for next year from stretching them walking with my hands stuffed in them.

      With wool, it’s more how the animals or sheep are treated. Some farms treat them with no respect. Male lambs are almost immediately sent to slaughter as there’s no commercial value in them. Their tales like pigs are pulled off with no pain killers. When they’re sheared, no care is taken to against wounds. Many knitting manufactures use mulesed wool where to no care is taken to the animal during shearing and or parts of flesh is removed from around their bums to prevent parasite infections as the wool around the bum attracts parasites as it’s covered in poo and wee. Plus how they’re transported. Not all farms like your family are good ones! Sheep would naturally shed their wool but people want clothes so it’s commercialised now! That’s why vegans don’t wear wool. I will if it’s from a good source where the sheep was treated well. It’s a tricky issue. Hope this helps!

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        Thank you! Yes, very informative.

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        🙂 Happy to help!

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        De nada!

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