Winter Zoo

The best things in life are free. Flip side, there’s no such thing as free dinner. Nature’s free for everyone. Inspiring and motivating us, making us feel good being surrounded by greenery, water or even sitting warm sunshine’s free. How we as humans treat nature maybe we shouldn’t haven’t it for free. Without sounding too preachy our actions may not immediately affect our own countries environments instead affecting other countries environments and how nature’s linked, it will affect our countries at some point. Nature always wins. Nature likes to survive. Nature likes balance. I sometimes feel we as humans are the caretakers of Earth and we’re not doing a great job looking after it. Nature on our own doorstep might not feel or look as beautiful as a far away tropical climate to care, (those in that tropical place might feel the same?) but it is and it’s free.

I know many people don’t agree with zoos (maybe if we took better care of nature and the environment we wouldn’t need them). There are some bad ones out there. Barcelona Zoo’s aim is to help endangered species around with world and raise awareness of Spain’s own wild animals. Some resident enclosure’s I’d love to be bigger like the big cats, bison, sea lion and cow enclosures. The zoo’s updating, constructing and working towards better enclosures. Living in a city, most of what I see’s grey. Even the beaches can be grey and dirty, covered in litter after a busy day making myself ask what people’s houses are like inside. The zoo’s where I go to escape the city, feel connected to nature in a city, listen to birds, get a greenery fix. I’m a person who likes quiet, the parks can get way too busy for me and all I see a selfies and the perfect IG photo opportunities. In other words, it’s a long winded way of saying I just wanted to post some zoo/animal photos from the last few months. If one person likes one, reads up on that animal, learns their plight, learn how they can help this amazing planet we live on continue to be amazing for everyone without taking too much from it, I’m happy.

Pelicans preeningHumboldt penguin zzzzzzzLluna the cow! Her eyelashes!Peacock printsDSCF2491DSCF2869 (1)LionessesFlamingo bathing Sea lions don’t stop for long. Always moving!Heron waiting for when the perfect opportunity when the otters aren’t looking to steal their fishDSCF3556Gazelles ears are huge!Barbary macaque handHowler monkey soaking up the day’s last sunraysGorillas!Even teen mangabey monkeys need mama sometimesLemurs :)Mouflon stare at you as much as you watch/stare at themPygmy goat and…..…her kidEgrets sound like Donald DuckBlackbirdsMeerkats!!!!!


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    A great selection of animals, angles, and perspectives! I agree with you about zoos — it would be better if they could live wild, but it is also good for some of them to be protected and to provide education for those of us who can’t see them in the wild. Mixed emotions about the concept, but always joy at seeing the animals!

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      I know! I’m the same. I found out that the elephants at the zoo are 34, 46 and 49. 2 are retired circus elephants that were in bad shape with then arrived. 10 and 9 years later they’re doing so much better and more trusting of people.

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        Wow! I am so glad they can have a peaceful retirement. 🙂

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        For now. The town hall has basically in the long run closed the zoo down for an animalist zoo. The idea is all non endangered animals will be housed in sanctuaries with the zoo focusing on a select endangered animals. Here’s the article if you’re interested!

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