Late November Catch Up

Happy December!

I hope your week’s going okay. Apologies for not stopping by to say hi last week. The week went in a blur. I said see you later to my friend moving back to Australia with her growing family. Her big surprise before she left! I’ll miss her. We only just met this summer, following my trend of making friends only for one of us to leave within a year. I’m happy for her, yet I know I’m going to miss her loads.

The cats have had their own personal mini dramas last week, all relating to their ongoing illnesses and I was just plain lazy. (more…)

Mid/Late Spring Zoo Photos Part 1

I’ve been keeping zoo photos to a minimum for a while. Mainly to avoid repeats, same old, does she ever take photos other than at the zoo. Sometimes! 

I know when studying animals especially their behaviour you’re not meant to apply anthropomorphism. Likening human behaviour, traits, mannerisms to animals. It’s hard not to when the chimps are waiting (more…)

1st October Weekend

Pumpkins! Everywhere pumpkins! October’s here!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I hope you’re having a great week so far! For the past few weekend I’ve been joking with P that they’ve been cheap weekends. (more…)

Zoo Photos Part II

I’ve split the past 2 weeks of Barcelona Zoo visits into 2 parts, otherwise together they’re way too long for one post! Part I can be found here. Enjoy!