March Catch Up

Happy Spring!

Woohoo! Spring’s officially here!

Warmer longer days, yes please! Spring’s being say hi here for a few weeks and only now it’s just just warm enough for a denim jacket, T-shirt with a jumper needed at night. Though I’ve been more like the locals, sticking with my lightweight puffer jacket. Cherry blossom’s out already and trees are getting dressed. Aside from allergies, this girl’s happy spring’s here!

Anyway, for anyone interested a little March catch up.

My washing machine ate a pair of knickers. TMI?! It wasn’t draining properly and after cleaning out the catchment filter I pulled out a piece of fabric. It first I was mould! How? Can’t be. On inspection a pair of gym knickers. TMI now? I found another piece of fabric but neither amount to a whole pair. The machine seems to be washing fine for now so maybe pieces will work their way to the catchment filter. If not I have to explain to the landlord why a pair of knickers means the washing machine needs looking at. Just keep it simple Nat, the washing machine needs looking at. You don’t have to explain everything to a T.

Lots of these guys, parakeets and magpies out past few weeks foraging for their little ones

I received an email containing some happy news, iHerb’s back shipping to Spain! That means lip balms in tubes and more importantly SPF lip balms in tubes. Good lip balms without petroleum are hard to find in Europe so I’m happy having selection back. Also happy to shop for cotton muslin produce bags, Alba Botonaica Hawaiian Cocoa hand and body lotion and vitamins. I’ve made promise to myself not to go crazy ordering. Since iHerb stopped shipping to Spain last year I have found some great alternatives if not better ones and been spending less pennies on them.

My climbing gym has started a 4 week boulder league. There are prizes but I think it’s more for fun and get people thinking about paticiapting in the bigger competitions they hold. I’m happier it’s for fun even with prizes. It’s also great that it’s teams of 3 and they must be mixed. More guys than girls climb with girls more likely to say, no I’m not good enough, I’ll pass. A guy in my climbing class (yes I continued classes) and his friend needed a girl and my teacher suggested asking me. I was okay, it’s for fun, but you know I’ll probably be the weakest link. Last week was the first challenge and we’re pretty much the same level. My 2nd weekly class is training for it. My teacher or profe has picked up the pace the last few weeks and is getting more confident teaching. I’m still not confident with heels or toe hooks, slowly slowly. Last week was my first time walking up a wall holding a hold to get myself in position for the next move. I’m sure there’s a proper term for it but it was a little scary as my first thought was oh sh*t I’m walking up finally. Followed by please don’t fall, you need the points! This week’s challenge was overhangs. Climbing overhangs are my weakness as it requires a whole other layer of strength I haven’t got.

Diesel’s back to being fascinated with the bath tap. He jumps in, looks up at you to turn it on and then either sits and stares at the water flowing or bats it. He hasn’t done it in years. I think out of respect for AJ, the last year and half he played less knowing AJ didn’t want to or wasn’t strong enough. Maybe that’s human emotion on animals. He’s having more crazy 5 minutes and always always super talkative when I get back. One evening last week I got back a little earlier and he was so happy. He looked up from his bed, did a double take and happily trotted over to say hi. Always lots of chirps, meows, meowchirps, meurrs and purrs in the evenings too. As it’s just him now, I’m more conscious to get back earlier as I know he gets lonely.

Running I’m still slow. I don’t care! Getting out and running’s the important bit! The gym’s fun, climbing’s fun and I’m still doing, most days Tone It Up’s daily Studio Tone Up class. I really look forward to my daily Studio Tone Up class. 

My sleep routine’s getting better. It’s not perfect. I’m watching less YouTube, reading more albeit on my phone but still crashing sleeping before eating. I’m getting up earlier which makes the mornings feel more productive. The longer days are helping too. 

I didn’t participate in any International Women’s Day marches or activities here. I’m kinda glad I didn’t as some groups here got extreme. Sephora boarded up their windows and slide while the shop next door one window got smashed. The same group left stickers everywhere on shop windows, doors, sign posts. I walked past a few peaceful rallies shopping (bad girl as some groups encouraged woman not to shop on the 8th March to prove how much commercial economic influence aka spending money power woman have. I was, I’m not shopping here on a Saturday!) so as always it’s the small radical groups that do the most damage.

No, it doesn’t say c*nt. It says CNT!

I actually went to another place other than the zoo! A friend asked if I wanted to check Barcelona’s flea market, Mercat Fira de Bellcaire Els Encants with her. I went once years ago and was game. It’s changed a lot. There are permanent covered shop like stalls and loads of open air stalls selling everything you can imagine aside from fruit and veg. I have no idea how people found bargains as when we got there, some stalls were looking like jumble sales. Neither of us were in the mood to rummage through just purchasing some art supplies from one of the permanent stalls. Us being us, we ended up shopping after lunch at the nearest shopping mall, Glories. I was good, 1 t-shirt only!

I got my ears pierced for the 3rd time! I wasn’t too happy with the cleanliness of the previous salon even though during the procedure everything was sterile. LTW got good google reviews and I was happy I could choose the style of earring which was another reason why there after checking out their website, I found out you could. As it was the 3rd piercing I didn’t want a huge gold stud sticking out making my ears stick out even more. When they’re all healed I have already a super tiny crystal pair ready making for a pretty reverse ombre effect.  It’s something I’ve always wanted, 3 piercings and I’m happy not to have any more. Please excuse the blurry photo. Gotta have proof and taking a photo of your own ear’s not easy.

I could have easily have got 3 posts out of this, but hey, I talk too much so I write too much. How was your last month of winter? Please share in the comments!


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    And finally summer time, now China and Spain have a time difference of “only” 6 hours, yaaay! I hate when Spain changes to winter time and it’s 7 hours.

    I should do a spring catch up too, I didn’t have time to update last week!

    1. says:

      That’s crazy! Next year the EU I think is going to stop summer daylight saving. I think they’ve left it down to each individual EU country to decide, so how knows maybe it’ll be 7 hours all year round 🙁

      Looking forward to your catch up 🙂

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