Weekend Friday Favourites

Seeing as it’s now way past my bedtime, I’ll keep the intro short and sweet!

This week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile or caught my eye this week.

Lucky Bamboo and Zara Home Brass VaseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few weeks ago in my local supermarket I picked up peat/compost whatever you call it to repot my plants and a lucky bamboo for no other reason than it looked nice! None of my vases suited it so I checked out Zara Home if they had any reasonable priced ones. Another initially caught my eye until I noticed this beautiful handmade brass vase in the sale section (it’s since gone back to full price on line) and it’s been brightening up my desk ever since. The fact it’s brass, means if it gets knocked off, less damage to clean up and it reminds me a little of my Grandma who used to have a few brass decorations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Zara Home Leopard Print Fleece BlanketOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I may have thing for Zara Home. I spied this while shopping for the vase but left it on the self as I felt it was too much for what it is. In another Zara Home shopping with P I mentioned I found cute leopard print blanket. As I’ve been looking to replace a few blankets this year and that it felt so snuggly and warm, we said oh what the. It rang up with 35% off! Yay! I went back later under the guise the cats need new blankets and got a 2 mink coloured fleece blankets for the sofa. When it gets cold I cover the sofa seats in blankets so instead on sitting on a cold sofa, you sit on a warm snuggly sofa. Plus the cats have somewhere warm and snuggly to sleep as D’s demonstrating. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wednesday Runimg_5362

During Wednesday’s run along the beach section I felt like I hadn’t taken time out for the sea in ages. Now beach siestas are on hiatus until next Spring and while I stop for a few minutes on my runs to say hi to it and cycle past it everyday, suddenly I wanted to walk along the shore line for a bit. Getting back late and having to rush was worth disconnecting for a 10 minutes or however long it took. And as always when I go to the beach, I pick up litter! Crazy beach lady!

Street Artimg_5261

Last Saturday cycling back through Barceloneta the corner of my eye caught this really cool painting. Strung between lamp post and a tree I think it was painted on cling/transparent film (you can just see the overlaps).


Just because.

Sandbag Plank Pull/Drag Through

I love these as an alternative way of working deltoids, shoulders, sneaking in abs and everything else. Start in a plank position (legs slightly wider if you wish for stability) and keeping in a plank position with core tight and good posture as much as you can, with a sandbag slightly off by your right hand. Then with left hand reach across to grap the sandbag’s nearest side handle (depending on sandbag, you may have to use the horizontal handle instead) and pull/drag it across to your left in one motion. Repeat with right hand, dragging/pulling across.


Jaguar Barcelona Zoo

Catnapping near it’s waterfall.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ladybird Cousin On The Window OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Romantics Detox Monster Coco Juiceimg_5370

This is a rival for their Detox Transilvania juice. If both are a on shelf I won’t be able to choose between the 2! Transilvania’s an earthy beetroot, carrot, pomegranate, apple, ginger and lemon, Monsters Coco’s all tropical. I couldn’t taste much strawberry, however it tasted, real deal buttered toast coconuts. I find many coconut waters taste odd probably as they’ve been in and out of fridges so many times altering the taste. The coconut provided a perfect boost cycling back one day this week and the packaging’s so cute. A hammock between 2 palm trees helps makes up the Monster Coco’s bar code while sleeping bats help the Transilvania bar code.

Internet Finds

CNN Teen hits back at ISIS by sculpting Numrud’s ruined artifacts.

CNN Is this China’s hottest Grandpa?

BBC The US Mountains few people know

Nat Geo Best Trips 2017


Dog left behind on adoption day gets adopted!

Street dog too sick to cry for help saved

Song of Style goes to India

Chriselle Lim, you’re washing all your clothes wrong/clothing hacks

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!


  1. […] usually go for a 1okg bag, however I needed more for lunge twists (I hugged the bag like here) and sandbag plank pulls. I switched after the first set to 15kg which gave me the challenge I after. 10kg was kinda […]

  2. […] do is playing petanque. Because playing dominoes and cards doesn’t count as a sport, right? Natjan’s post reminded me of this topic when she mentioned the story of Wang Deshun, an 80 year old Chinese man […]

  3. says:

    I have a bunch of those lucky bamboos! Found them in my living room when I came back from Spain (a gift from FIL).

    I had read about the Chinese grandpa model before, he looks amazing. Many Chinese old people exercise daily in parks and stay active, they seem healthier than Spanish old people.

    1. says:

      😃 That’s sweet of her! Maybe she’s telling you something! I read the amount you receive, has different types of luck.

      I agree! Though my gym club’s packed with old people in the mornings. A lot sunbathe nearly everyday (winter’s no exception) if weather allows on the terrace. It’s mostly old guys who workout in the gym, run outside or cycle. The few older ladies that do workout, stick to Pilates or over 60’s classes. However I’ve noticed if you live near a beach, people are more active as they strip off in the summer!

      1. says:

        That’s an interesting theory! Need to keep those bikini bodies! 😀

      2. says:

        Even if you’re 80 and have skin that’s like walnuts!

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