November’s Mourning Moon

While summers are all about the sun and sunny winter days warm your soul, the moon is winter’s star. The longer winter nights light up the shining moon bathed by the sun more. It’s still there in the summer evenings if you look up, it’s just those evenings it doesn’t have that magical star power like it has in late autumn, early winter.

If I’m honest December’s Cold moonwas something. I think this has something to do with being the shortest daylight month. I’ll be sharing those photos next month! Just before sunset and during dusk as the sun’s so low in the sky, moonrise is lit up in a magical way. November’s Mourning moon was slowly being lit in the magic. I think we forget we’re on a planet ‘floating’ in space. Life is so complex on Earth where we’re literally just a speck in a universe of more complexity. Earth loves balance as much as it is cruel in death, it has beauty in life. Wrapped up in everyday complexities I think we forget the beautiful life, planet, nature and colours that nature and Earth give us.


The moon’s really trick to photograph, so I’m learning as I go how to figure out it’s best angles. Do I focus on the moon or the surroundings?! So much to learn!



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    The moon like sunsets or sunrises never looks quite as vivid or clear on film. My cameras are never good enough to zoom in on the moon. Nice photos, Natalie. Merry Christmas!

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      Thank you! It’s tricky getting the moon vivid. I think the secret is a telezoom lens of professional level! And a tripod and lots of patience. Happy Christmas to you too!

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