October. The Yellow and Orange Month

Layering season’s begun! More importantly the 1st is Diesel’s 11 birthday! Happy Birthday Mr D, the cheekiest, happiest go lucky, talkative, has to have last say being naughty, who uses walls for propulsion, still chases his tail, bites his nails, acts like a teenager, has his face in everything cat I know. Cute equal only to his brother!Birthday Boy!

October’s began! The only month for me that feels like autumn. November’s always too cold or it was in the UK to be considered autumn, though here it’s still mild. It’s a game of layers. Chilly mornings and evenings, warm during the day. Aside from the possible 2, 26C days next week, from here until Spring next year I’ll live in black leggings. For running errands, cycling everywhere, dressing up and dressing down black leggings are my uniform. This year it’s Fabletics Salar leggings and I’m loving the fit, material and price. Lightweight yet warm! Last winter I wore Lululemon Wonderunders, but I wasn’t impressed the quality or that legs and waist stretched quickly. Waist band up to my bra? No thanks!

Slight wardrobe crises have also began. I’ve lived in shorts since May which are so much easier to dress and pair up. Layering means I have to put a little more thought opening my wardrobe. I don’t like wearing jackets, as I find they don’t suit me. I love gilets, but when out I either feel scruffy or too where’s my Land Rover depending in on the top underneath. I’d love to skip the jacket, however cycling everywhere, a cardi isn’t always enough with the wind factor, a jumper I can’t undo when I get hot yet my arms are still chilly. Some days I need an extra bag just to carry around scarf, jacket, jumper. If I had a car, it’ll be filled with wardrobe options. I’m not joking! If P’s here and we go on the motorbike, I automatically get the top pannier box. It’s the largest!

One thing I miss about British autumns are the crispy afternoons, the misty mornings and the leaves falling. I never really notice yellow and brown leaves falling here until late December, when it gets cold. Here has it’s own little climate bubble thanks to the sea. Instead of crisp afternoons, we get storms, like this week. All day drizzle and wind, that’s deceptively cold, but is actually warm. Perfect for running in! The following day, the wind eases up, sunny skies, yet the swell remains. Go into the centre on those days, not even a hint of a breeze!

Windy beach run Wednesday! My favourite running weather!

Stormy RunningWindy Run

Calm wind ThursdayCalm wind and swellCalm wind the day afterCalm wind and swellCalm wind and swell

P mentioned a few weeks ago that he’d read autumn was once called fall in the UK. Not quite believing him I did some research. It’s true. All these of tsh, Americans, it’s autumn, not fall! Erm, I’ll have to give them that one. British did once call autumn, fall. Then some went to America and some high society British decided to adopt the French automne then before you knew it, it’s autumn not fall. Which makes perfect sense as the leaves fall, you fall back and spring forward with the clocks!

What’s your favourite thing about autumn Fall? Did you know English is a Germanic language, not Romantic or Latin? I lost count how many times I had to explain that one when I taught English as foreign language!


  1. Terry Faloon says:

    hi… I wrote this last night….prior to seeing your site.. . October and Cats were in my thoughts.. My cat IKO could be DIESEL’s brother… somehow, I came across your site just now… KISMET!! enjoy…


    every year October comes
    to me
    approaching silently
    on winds
    to soothe me and to settle me
    to fill my nose with crisp

    October days they nuzzle me
    much like my furry cat
    and like the cat
    they give me moments far too few

    October I want more of you than there will ever be
    you bring to me reminders
    and the full ripe fruit of life
    I shiver as the world spins distant from the fire
    I see the empty field
    the harvest moon
    the birds returning warmward
    past horizons in the south

    the time was right October
    to bring me to this place
    a child of Saturday
    and leaf fall Maple orange in New England
    the Tenth arrives with little fuss
    my preference
    another day…the long parade of days
    I do
    stop and shape a silent thought
    when Lennon’s birthday pops
    up on the Ninth
    I can’t explain
    how that’s become
    a grander day for me
    and yet it is….

    And baseball crowns a champion
    and pumpkins smash upon the street
    and children Zombie walk for treats
    remember dead departed souls
    the opals shine and tourmaline
    and every pagan celebrates
    the yellow month…October

    and I will sit here and reflect
    I’ll wrap myself in wool and drink a cup of warmth
    and feel the nuzzle of my cat
    appreciating that
    for nuzzling cats
    and chill October come and go too soon……….

    Terry Faloon

    1. says:

      That’s just how I imagine American Autumn/Falls to be! Beautiful words!

  2. says:

    Happy birthday to Diesel! Are cat years like dog years, as in is Diesel 11 in human years? I’ve never had a cat so I’m quite curious haha. The beach photos look amazing, I can just imagine the cool breeze you’d get. And I never knew the British once used the word Fall. That’s a nice piece of trivia haha good luck with dressing for the upcoming weather 🙂

    1. says:

      I’ve no idea how long cat years are in human years. I know Mr AJ is getting on to be a grumpy old man haha! I should really research it again and if Aussies call Autumn Fall or Autumn, but it’s easier to ask you! Hope you’re enjoying Spring time 🙂

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