Spartan Workout Tour BCN. Spartana In Training.

My triceps are now talking nicely to me. After wall climbs and about a 140 burpees last Saturday we had issues. They’re now allowing me to vinyasa without cutting out the chaturanga into upward dog.

140 burpees?!

As regular readers know, in less than 2 weeks I’m running Reebok’s Spartan Super Race. 13km with 25 plus obstacles. Why? Because I was asked if I wanted to, I’ve always wanted to run an obstacle course and because I have an opportunity to! The team who asked me to join them are now running the Beast, 21km with 30 plus obstacles. That’s too extreme for my first time. I’m skipping the 5km Sprint and running the Super solo!I'm Training For A Spartan Race T-shirt

Spartan España held a free training session last Saturday in Barcelona, the first of their workout tour in Spain. I signed up straight away after receiving the email, not really thinking about what it entailed, more so I wouldn’t delay signing up before places went. It was also a great opportunity to try out the shorts I’ve selected to wear, short cycling shorts. There’s a lot of mud involved. I don’t want any item of clothing that will drag me down, or be liable to drag down! More importantly I wanted pointers and a sense that the training I’ve been doing has been in the right direction. Meet Up

The trainers were a mix of last years elite winners and Spartan’s SGX trainers. Antonio, who devised the workout isn’t only a SGX trainer for this area, but also for some of the American workout tours. In hindsight, I really should have checked out the Spartan training pages online for what expect and how to train for the obstacles (I didn’t realise they had them). I’ve been more or less training in the right direction, but not walking carrying a 22-45 kg Atlas, buckets full of rocks or rope climbing. But hey, I’ve been practicing the 30 forfeit press up burpees for every no go obstacle! The next 2 weeks will be filled with huge amount of visualisation, stalking those pages and last minute exercises!

Over an hour and a half we played a mix of playground games amped up with burpees thrown in, wall climbs (thankfully not brick on the day. Wood with narrow foot holds. Even with one of the trainers knee for a boost running up, I could with help just scale the top. It was 7ft +! Grazed elbows and smiling!), 50 burpee box jumps on a hip high wall. I opted for step ups. The killer, the last exercise, as many press up burpees as possible in 5 minutes. I kicked myself for resting a few seconds longer than I needed. 59, 1 shy of their SGX burpee chart for healthy. 75 for my age category is Spartan Fit. I want to be Spartan Fit, 80 for my age group below! For some reason, I feel as if I’ve got something to prove running it. I’m smaller than most in build, a pale stick insect which I guess, fuels some sort of validation. We all have our hangups!I'm training for a Spartan Race T

Everybody was smiling! Which also put me at ease. I hope they’re all as helpful on the day and not out for themselves. I got talking to 2 girls, 1 who has a similar situation to me running, except her team mates dropped out. She decided to run the Sprint anyway. The other girl, I’m not sure which one she’s running and I wish them both all the best and fun!

Smiling inside. Honest!Smiling Inside

Recovery, the beach and dip. Forever 21 afterwards to even out the girle side. My elbows starting talking cycling there and I couldn’t think why. 140 press ups?

Happy legs running Sunday. Grumpy lower triceps and shoulders, yet okay on the monkey bars, net climbs and muscles ups during 12km. They were easier than I’d anticipated, though had to skip evening yoga chaturangas! All preparation for the day. Bruised yet smiling!Sunday 12km run

Sunday’s a Zoo day. Minus the running, Orangutans would crush most of the obstacles. But they have hand like feet. Which I’ve been advised to get trail shoes for. For grip climbing, easy water sloshing disposal, the terrain. Are we ever fully prepared?!Ultimate Climbers, Organutans, Barcelona Zoo

Obstacle course, just crazy, or stick to trials?!


  1. says:

    I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon to your Spartan. How time flies!

    1. says:

      It does! This week I’ve been alternating between I can do it and feeling very apprehensive 🙁 🙂

      1. says:

        It must be nerves. You’re going to do great!

  2. says:

    Wow this training sounds intense! I’ve heard of the spartan race and didn’t know so much preparation goes into it. I hope your elbows get better and Forever 21 is always a good idea haha can’t wait to read about the race soon!

    1. says:

      🙂 The preparation’s tough. So much upper body weight strength needed. I foresee a lot go muddy burpees! My elbows are better thank you! You’re right, Forever21 is always a good idea! There’s always something hidden amongst the racks!

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