Blood Moon

I read somewhere that around a full moon we sleep less. One theory it’s a throw back to our cave wo/men ancestors being more alert against the threat of predators using moon light to their advantage.

If this is true, it explains why I was wide awake for last nights Blood Moon lunar eclipse. I was tired yet couldn’t sleep, was restless, yet full of energy. When 4am, near the peak of the eclipse finally came, I grabbed my camera, front bike light, my glasses, keys and made my way up to the apartment building roof.

First thing that hit me as I stepped out onto the terrace was a sky full of stars and an autumn nights chill. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky! The area I live in, is in a part of the city with less light pollution. Thanks to the building being high (16 floors) it felt like the building was in a clear sky bubble with the hazy purple city light glow around the edges. The big dipper was out and thanks to actually wearing my glasses for once, I could make out clusters of stars and probably other constellations I’ve heard of and really should make an effort to learn. I hadn’t seen so many stars in the night sky in ages! There’s no way in this universe we’re the only living planet with that many suns.

This is the only good photo I got. There’s a reason why people use tripods! I ended up resting my elbows on an air con unit as a tripod! It also took some guess work as to which auto focus target thingy to use and have patience with the shutter speed. I think I stood there grinning like an idiot, looking up in awe for about 20 minutes until I spooked myself and ran back to the safety of the cats! Blood Moon 2015

If it had happened around Halloween, my mind would have been in hyperdrive playing tricks. Or maybe that’s just my imagination anyway. It wasn’t the blood moon, it was the terrace and the silence of the night that spooked me! I’m completely find working out on the roof terrace during the day!

Moonrise earlier over the Mediterranean Sea Blood Moon Moonrise 2015

It’s been a great year for super moons, partial solar eclipses and watching Mars and Jupiter dance with each other. We get so wrapped up in day to day stuff we forget to look up. Look up every now and then and I’m going to be cliche, Louis Armstrong got it right, we really do live in a wonderful world!

Did you get to see the blood moon or did clouds get in the way?





  1. says:

    Wow you got a really great view! We couldn’t see much here in Sydney unfortunately but I guess using the air con unit as a tripod was worth it. That photo looks so professional 😀

    1. says:

      Thank you *blushing*! I couldn’t believe how clear the sky was 🙂

  2. says:

    I got to see it when I was out on my long run at 5am… Talk about runrise! 🙂

    1. says:

      5am for a run! You’re my gazelle! Runset and runsise vistas, you lucky girl!

  3. says:

    I didnt see the eclipse but yesterday at around 20.30 the moin was amazing! Huge and orange!

    1. says:

      It was! Moonrises around a full moon are amazing!

  4. says:

    Very nice, Natalie.

    1. says:

      I hope I haven’t caused upset. We had similar tales with the tripod issues! Great minds think alike. No way would I every copy! Maybe I’m reading the words wrong!

      1. says:

        Oh, no upset at all! I would never accuse you of copying!! I was complimenting you on the great photo. It came out great.

      2. says:

        Phew! The written word is different to the spoken word!

        And thank you! I’m not joking out of the 12 I took, this was the only decent 1!

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