The Top 50 or So

In honour of my last day in France and my 150th post, I feel it’s only fair that I share some my favourite photos taken over my past two and half years on the Cote d’Azur.

This weekend saw goodbye coffees and goodbyes to Parc Vaugrenier. Most of our runs the last two weeks have been on the park trails. There are a few trails in and outside of Barcelona, but they’ll have to wait a few weeks until we’re settled and have been furniture shopping! It’s hard to believe in a week’s time, I’ll have spent one week back in my favourite city getting used to hustle and bustle and speaking Spanish once more.

All photos are in and around Antibes, unless stated.

2011 storm that closed the sea road between Antibes and Biot for a week.

IMG_1166Old Town, Nice
IMG_5889 Sant TropezIMG_5904 Sunset, CannesIMG_1516 Parc Vaugrenier, Villenueve Loubet, WinterIMG_1585 IMG_1609 IMG_1750 Parc Vaugrenier, Villenueve Loubet, Early SpringIMG_1822 Cap d’AntibesIMG_1868 MonacoIMG_2078 DieselIMG_2316 NiceIMG_2365 NiceIMG_2373 IMG_2436 Triola, ItalyIMG_3055 San Remo, ItalyIMG_3155 San Remo, ItalyIMG_3194 IMG_3569 IMG_3711 Milan, WinterIMG_5134 AngelousIMG_0174 Cap d’Antibes. Rain doesn’t stop play.IMG_0010_2 Parc Vaugrenier, Villenueve Loubet. Trail runningIMG_8810IMG_6094 San Remo, ItalyIMG_0222 IMG_8432 Aix en ProvenceIMG_8566 IMG_9638 IMG_9715 IMG_0559 IMG_1378 IMG_1899 IMG_6895 IMG_7886 IMG_8242 Parc Vaugrenier, Villenueve Loubet, SpringIMG_8263Bastille Day
IMG_2344 IMG_7760 - Version 2 IMG_8040 Gorge VerdonIMG_8877 IMG_9445Cap d’AntibesDSC00384 Cap d’AntibesIMG_6622 Cap d’AntibesIMG_6659 Juan Les PinsIMG_4622Nice
Isola 2000IMG_6105!Hasta la próxima!




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    These are spectacular photos. Half way through them I decided to follow your website.
    All my best to you.

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      Thank you and thank you 🙂

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    Simply amazing 🙂 thank you for sharing xx

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