The Start Of The Goodbye

If cats are meant to be sensitive to changes in their environment, these two are completely nonchalant about moving. If they’ve noticed boxes building up and rooms suddenly becoming bigger to explore, they’re not showing it. To them stacked boxes make good sun loungers and open shelves vantage points.IMG_7034

Aj’s all about vantage points now his stitches are out from his eye op to stop his lower eyelashes rolling in. His coat’s back to normal after 2 weeks of wearing an elizabethan cone head collar. The last few days of it got frustrating for him. He’d clean what he could along with the half collar, sigh, reluctantly give in that it just wasn’t happening and rest his head in defeat. IMG_7099

The past few days have been a blur of packing, cleaning and last of many things. I taught my last young learner’s English class on Wednesday. I’ll know the 8 year old girl will be okay with her next teacher when I asked her ‘Can a hippo sing a song in Chinese?’ (To be able was the topic and I’d already asked her if a giraffe can dance and can a lion read. Sometimes sentences come out like that on the fly!). She looked at me like I was crazy and laughed before exclaiming “no!” She only started learning English with me 4 months ago and has picked it up quickly. Already speaking French, Polish and some English at school puts her at an advantage.

Au revoir to the grandure of teaching in Cannes.IMG_5671

Another student of mine this year, got into the English international department at her primary school (the French school system is complicated. This particular school has the normal French system and and international English section). There were only 2 places this year starting in September with no waiting list. She had a head start as her family is Russian French/English. 3 languages and she’s only 7 years old. I’ve been lucky in that most of my students both in France and Spain have picked up English quickly, which makes my job easier! This year I realised, I might not be the best foreign language teacher, but I am a pretty good one. If I can get a class of 10 French six year olds in a year to look forward to their weekly English classes, I must be doing something right!

Sandwiched in-between have been some good workouts and park runs. I’ve changed the lay out of my circuits the last few weeks and am noticing the difference. Rather than just a big circuit, I’ve broken it down to two mini ones. This has worked particularly well while I increase the intensity. I’m nearly back to same level I was last summer. I’ve learnt, in thanks to the osteopath, to listen to my body. I’m better at it than I was, but still have a lot to learn.IMG_8754

Such as upping the distance trail running will likely result in extra foot niggles. Fortunately the Osteopath can some how magically take them away as he did today. Build up of pressure in the heel was making it tight and causing what felt like flicking in the heel. I was concerned it was achilles related again, though it appears to be related to having bow legs with femur/knee instability, like with the initial achilles problem. It’s how I’m built and just have to work with it and knowing I have to visit them once a month. I was very proud of myself today for having made it one month between appointments. The first time in 6 months!

Wednesday’s trail run. Ran an extra km as I over estimated the distance. Easy to when the trails are like this!IMG_8678

One thing I have to learn, which the cats excel at, is to relax. The osteo didn’t have to tell me twice to soak up some rays today on the beach and RELAX (shoulder issues magically fixed too). I’ll take any excuse to do that. However the beach was too windy for a siesta, so the park did just fine! And that’s not included the 2 hour nap after my appointment. I didn’t fight to stay awake. I let my body do it’s post osteopath repair thing snuggled up to the cats.IMG_8784

I may not have enjoyed and fully appreciated my time in France, but it’s taught me a lot. I’m going back to a city I love, taking with me some French flair and know how. I’m definitely a stronger girl to the one who arrived here 2 and half years ago. More importantly, a happier girl.




  1. says:

    Yep, those cats look pretty chilled to me!! They are very influential – look into their eyesssssss 🙂
    Hope your move goes well, you’ve posted some brilliant shots, it will be interesting to see the next ones xxxx

    1. says:

      Ha Ha! As soon as they hear the transport boxes, they’ll hide! Thank you for your wishes! We’re moving ourselves again, so I hope it goes well!

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