Weekend Friday Favourites

This week has gone so fast and I’m still trying to catch on things I wanted to get done over Christmas and the New Year. It’s kinda frustrating as I had posts planned that never materialised. I started my photography course this week and had what seemed like never ending cleaning and tidying. My pile of things to go though keeping growing and don’t even talk to me about my inbox. I check and delete on my phone but I avoid opening up my emails on my computer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The number of unopened emails is scary. There was a day P hired car (so he could snowboard the day before) so we got things you can’t carry back on a bike or motorbike. I’ve been getting to the gym later than usual which means major night naps when back. Then I’ve been watching on YouTube (less YouTube equals more time to do stuff that gets you somewhere Natalie) about the human cost of fast fashion and minimalism (me doing minimalism. I hear you who know me sniggering. I can do my version okay). I like the idea of open spaces. Less time on YouTube means I can KonMari edit more. Up next are books and paper edits

Anyways now my excuse for lack of posts disguised as laziness is done, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week.

Beach Ludo img_7439

I found this sea inspired Ludo board game running this week. I not sure if I’ve ever played it, I think I may have with an TEFL student. It beats the tags that pop up every now and then on the sea rocks. img_7446img_7456

Decathlon Running GlovesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Essential now winter’s taken it’s grip here. I’m lucky the sun shines most days but it still gets cold (it can hit 3C in the wee hours of the morning and next week the low’s predicted to be -1C. Cold for here!). I found these in Decathlon last November to replace my previous running gloves that I noticed last winter started not to wick away sweat. These are perfect. They have tactile thumbs and forefingers for using a smartphone and the cool bit, they transform into mittens for when it gets really cold! The inside of the mitten bit is made from self reflective heating material similar to foil blankets. I’ve yet to try the mittens running and I’m not sure about thumb. It doesn’t fit in the mitten part (I’ve tried), but I guess you can tuck it in your palm. The mitten folds up into a pocket on the wrist which can get in the way of a long sleeve top with thumb holes, but that’s minor when you have toasty warm hands running.

Basic Photography CourseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While I can learn thanks to Google, photography, I wanted a more hands on approach, someone I can ask like this when it comes to the practical element. I’ve still to look somethings up in English to understand fully, but I feel bad for my camera that I haven’t used it properly for the past 2 years. Anyways, below are my first ‘proper’ practice at white balance, aperture, depth of focus and shutter speed with subjects I won’t normal take.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkateboarding in public places is illegal in Barcelona however the skaters were happy to ‘pose’ for the class. The teacher didn’t ask if it was okay, just said this is how, off you go. They practice, we practice. Everybody happy. I also found out if you use a tripod in Barcelona you need a permit. Beach excluded unless taking photos of the port.




Bear Crawlscrawl_2

I’m sure I got plenty of WFT looks at the gym with bear crawls, whatever. I do reptile walks every now and then and sandbag plank drags, (dragging forward a sandbag ahead in a plank position then crawling/plank walking forward over it to repeat on the opposite arm), but never bear crawls. They’re definitely in my favourites now. They work just about everything especially the triceps, hamstrings and bum and get the heart rate up! I was surprised how tiring they are however the fun factor’s high.

AJ and D


They don’t help with night naps. They encourage them. How can I move when they’re snuggled up? Please excuse my finger.

Mistaken Nationality 

Being British is normally the last nationality people think I am here until I open my mouth and even then they’re not sure. I’ve been mistaken for French (usually), German, Italian, Brazilian, Swedish/Scandinavian, American (not according to a conversation I had at the gym about people from the American Continents. Everybody from North and South American is American. It should be something like a United Stater or North American. But then they thought I was Dutch), with this week adding Dutch and French via my Spanish accent is like a French speaker (speaking Spanish). I don’t mind, I’m happy not to be thought of as British straight away. Correction, English as everybody in the UK is from England and London right? I’m saying soy británica from now on.

Kings Day Runimg_7183

2km in I realised for the first time in months I didn’t have to rush back for anything and could enjoy running.

Internet Finds

I forgot to add them in last weeks, so I’ll try to keep them short.

No more dolphin aquarium at Barcelona Zoo. Care2

I may go there every week, but I don’t like all the enclosures. I’ve never liked visiting the dolphins and sea lions as you can see they’re not happy. I also feel all the big cat enclosures need to be revamped along with the the elephants, hippos, bears, bison, hyenas and deers. I know they’re making changes but I think some are held up due to archaeological finds. The old city major approved a dolphin revamp to be in keeping with new international regulations, the new major said no, no more captives dolphins. This is great news and many are hoping, me include they’re re homed in sea sanctuary.

China to ban ivory trade by the end of 2017. BBC News Fantastic news as China has the biggest ivory market in the world.

Dogs dodge trains on busy track. BBC News

New Beginning for Illegally traded endangered species. BBC News

$150 homes revive ancient techniques to fight climate crisis. CNN

‘Star Wars gibbon’ is a new primate species. BBC News

Chimp drinking culture caught on video. BBC News

Non animal finds

10 reasons to wash your hair with apple cider vinegar.

Free People trapeze slip. Perfect of the summer with denim shorts, however I can’t justify the price tag as I’m not sure on the fabric quality.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!

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