Gym Changing Room Etiquette

Thanks to the vets Monday I made the gym at my old usual time. Which I loved. Cycling there in early afternoon sun, a gym that wasn’t empty or full somewhere in the middle with energy and space to play in. I forgot how much nicer the ambience is during the day. I’ve been getting there in the early evening for months now and it’s not as nice. The gym’s busy which is good, but the energy is different and at times I have to fight for space as people are unaware of yours and take your space. The changing room dynamic’s different too. img_7414

Resting bitch faces (no doubt mine also) are out the evening. I understand they want to be in and out the gym. I try to smile without being creepy and I think everybody is thinking the same thing, moody bitch, I’ve got one hour to get my workout done in so I’m not late back to be up early tomorrow. The only problem going earlier is that being more a club than a gym I hit older demographic and I’m a girl that walks fast, normally in a rush, cutting it fine getting places (read late). The conversations I overhear are completely different and I’m not dodging little kids running to the bathroom and running back saying ‘¡hecho pee pee!’, ‘¡hecho caca!’ (they make me laugh. But depending on the Mum they may or not like you laughing with the kids saying they did a pee.).

I also get more changing space earlier in the day until the summer. Some people take up all the bench space without a 2nd thought someone else is there. Others I can place my bag down near the end of one bench, someone comes places theirs right on the edge with meters of space the other side. Then proceed to dump their clothes on mine. I move, they take up more space. When it’s really busy and and friends want to be close to each other, they don’t consider much your belongings. Again I’ve been getting changed and out of the 3 benches pushed together in a line, the one I was using was busy with the other 1.5 benches free (I was there first. Oh, claws are out). A girl came up to chat with her friend, change, placed her bag in-between tiny space between mine and her friends. She didn’t care about my things as she proceeded to take everything out, move around with such flair in the cramped space. I’m thinking, you see all that bench space the other side? I sarcastically asked her which never works with the Spanish if she’d like more room. She said yes and me dramatically as my Goldie Hawn Mindful guard dog was on duty, moved my things to the spare space. They looked at me with complete bewildered WTF crazy. It backfired and she’s done it again with others. People place wet towels and swimwear on the benches leaving it wet for when you put your things down. Benches being white you don’t always see it. Only one girl (A) I’ve seen say something. Bluntly and nicely to a girl (B) that thanks to her leaving wet things around, she, A didn’t see the water but remembered girl B had left just after she placed her bag down (I’m confused too). Remembering her (B) and seeing her doing the same again she said something. Girl B was oh, okay, bye.

Back to the older demographic, their attitude’s complete different. Maybe as they haven’t to to rush anywhere. They smile, genuine smiles and laughter, topics are different though sunbathing and hair are a mainstays for all ages. Spain isn’t a county shy on nakedness. There are 2 nudist beaches in the city and girls of all ages happily go topless on the beach. I haven’t acclimatised to that. Somethings I don’t wish to see. Sunbathing on my tummy however I undo my bikini stapes to avoid back tan lines, but I’m good at no show. Anyways, back to the older ladies. Few cover up and don’t bat an eyelid discussing all sorts of topics, walk the showers or blow-dry their hair sans towel (I’m used to it, however there are things I don’t wish to see. Like the old lady addicted to sunbathing and who’s clearly never used SPF in her life. Her bum during the summer’s the colour and texture of a walnut, minus a walnuts firm form). You just get on with getting changed like in the evening. Those who do cover up get noticed more. Nobody bats an eyelid to being in the buff. Plus in a rush there’s no time to try and juggle a towel that won’t stay up and underwear. Ditch the towel, get on with it. Nobody looks anyway. The older ladies if they like you will give you advice, be patient with your Spanish and generally have a spark to them. The advice I get given all the time, look after yourself first, keep active, mentally active, don’t give age an inch as it’ll take more than an inch, you’re so young (they call me niña, little girl even when they find out how ‘young’ I am), you have the world. Yep, I get mothered!

Now I’ve got there at my old usual time, I aim to make it a repeat thing. I should be back earlier which means I can be productive with non domesticated chores. Or just get up early. That I’m working on, however I live in country with double standards. Be up early but everything happens (early dinner’s 10pm) late. Excuse for everything. Will power and sticking to it regardless. Anyways I’ll leave you with my vistas cycling there, if I leave early, which should be enough motivation for me to get there early. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimg_7718

What’s your view on gym changing room etiquette?


  1. says:

    I think Anglo people are much more bothered about nudity than Spanish. I even read a British woman saying kids nude in the beach is pornography. For me that is very WTF. Many Spanish kids under 6 or 7 go to the beach naked. How can a body be pornography?

    Chinese are also very comfortable with being nude in the changing room. I already told you about the blow-drying down there, haha.

    1. says:

      I think you’re right! I’ve adapted in my own way. I’ve edited the post after reading your comment as like you I don’t wish to see ladies blow drying down there! I remembered that writing it! The overly tanned ladies skin.
      I wouldn’t say it’s pornographic little kids running naked, just with mobile phones, pedophiles. I’ve seen guys take photos of topless women. That aside, I’m so used to it, it’s normal, but think how do the larger chested ladies swim sans top. Surely the get in the way?!

      1. says:

        Hahaha, no idea, maybe they just splash around a bit to cool down and then go back to suntanning in the sand. I’m not even a fan of suntanning, when I go to the beach I’m all the time under the umbrella and covered in SPF 50 😀

      2. says:

        Probably! It makes me laugh they ask for a beer from the beer vendors in just bottoms with with the vendors full clothed adverting eyes!
        I love the beach and am too covered in SPF 50, minus the parasol. I usually go after 5/6pm when it’s not so strong. I like a little colour but not baked!

  2. says:

    Haha! Loved reading about this locker room.
    I find the older ladies a lot more free in showing nudity. The younger women tend to cover with towels or go to the private change rooms. There are a few at my gym who take up the bench with all their belongings.

    1. says:

      Maybe as the older ladies are whatever life’s too short, just get on with it! I’ve also noticed the mums often deal with the kids first after showering, then themselves as it’s easier to get the kids changed first. Younger girls here have grown up with it so are used to it. So are the French and Italians. It depends on country of origin, but most adapt.

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