July Beauty Finds

The other side of summer’s still hanging around. The sun graced us Wednesday and for one afternoon only it was back to hot. So hot it felt like my mascara melted and glued a few eyelashes together in the process. The thunderstorms promised have been no shows, only offering few drops and a lovely cool breeze. Which I’ll take as I don’t have to hear people say how hot it is. Just where’s the sun’s gone! Ha!

July beauty finds.  The skin care and beauty junkie that I am, I have 2 requirements when it comes to products. No animal testing and as natural ingredients as possible, no parabens, SLS’s etc. With make up, as natural as possible can be tricky, so I opt for what I can. My skin’s mostly combination, though I swear it’s oily in disguise of dry and hair fine, gets greasy easily with the ends getting dry easily.

Forever21 Facial Cleansing PadForever21 facial cleansing padSince I’ve been using this type of face cleanser, I swear the amount of black heads I get has decreased. I apply cleanser as usual (Everyday Coconut Face cleanser) and rather than use finger tips to massage it in, I gently in circular motions go over with the pad, then rinse with a flannel/face cloth. It seems to the remove more make up and the extra nasty stuff that can block pores much more effectively than just cleanser and face cloth alone . It gently enough to use everyday and 3 times a week I still exfoliate with a sugar scrub (sugar mixed with cleanser).

Forever21 Cleansing Pad

I tried Sephora’s own version and prefer Forever21’s not just because of the price (€1.50), but the shape. It’s much more ergonomic to use

Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Body WashNubian Hertiage Coconut and Papaya Body Wash

This doesn’t smell very coconut-y or payapa-y (it’s scent reminds me of a banana medicine I had as a kid. Which surprising I liked despite not liking bananas) but this moisturises and hydrates amazingly. 100% cruelty free, free from all the nasty ingredients, instead packed full of shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil and vitamin E, a little goes a long way. For a natural body wash it lathers up extremely well and despite smelling like banana medicine I’m on my 3rd bottle.

Nars The Multiple in CopacabanaNars, The multiple This has to be the most I’ve ever spent on make-up. Normally I’d never spend this much on an eyeshadow. My reason, it’s the perfect shade of sliver and gold I’ve been looking for ages and Sephora 20% off day. Having oily skin, even with an eyeshadow base, I need an eye shadow that has heavier pigment to avoid looking washed out and that’s long lasting which heavier pigments are. I like shimmer, but too much shimmer, I end up looking like a glitter ball. This provides just the right amount of understated shimmer along the upper lash line, plus the name’s really cool (okay, it might have been a selling point) and it’s long wearing, even with dips in the sea. A little goes a long way, it can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips.Nars, The Multiple

Have you used a cleansing pad? What are your current skincare and beauty go to’s?




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    So I have to ask – how do you like the Nars product? I’ve just plain stopped using eyeshadow because of my oily skin… 🙁

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      I know that situation! I wear an eyeshadow primer which helps shadow stay put for longer. The Nars I’m finding lasts longer than the Urban Decay Basics (which has heavy pigment) that’s my base colour. Alone, I’m not sure. Definitely recommend a base primer. I was do I have to?, but it works. My mum’s the same. She likes Sephora’s eye colour palettes. I’m not sure if she wears a primer but she likes that they’re longer lasting and the heavier pigment!

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        Thanks for the info… Always trying!

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