Friday Favs

Friday it is!

I left it too late in the day this morning for a timed interval run and ran fartlek instead. Shady, breezy stretches, fast, in the sun no breezy bits slower, burning off those jelly beans I may have demolished last night. 7.3km followed by yoga and handstand practice. Not a bad way to start the day.

Badalona pier. Don’t you just want to jump in the shimmering sparkly water?


Anywhos, here are some of my favourites this week.

Compilation of the funniest, most rated reviews on UK amazon.

Baby sloth bath time. My job, if I lived in Costa Rica. You cannot resist the cuteness.

Aj and D

Aj watches over my workouts and D’s keeping the mosquito population under control.IMG_0801IMG_8505

Everyday Coconut Cleansing Face WashIMG_8363

I was swayed into purchasing this after watching Tone It Up 2014 Summer Beauty video featuring the matching toner (which I love just as much). It took some hunting with i-herb being able to ship to Europe. Lavender smelling rather than coconut, it removes every trace of make-up and eye make up with no breakouts. Not tested on animals, vegan friendly, soy and gluten free, fair trade with no nasty ingredients. Founded by Alaffia a Togolese company, with proceeds going back into the Togolese community, providing prenatal care, school supplies, reforestation and distribution of bicycles for education, so kids can get to school. It’s a great price too, $7.20/€5.29 for 354ml

Hair bandsIMG_8544

Can never have too many. One for each bag and room. I picked these non snag ones up in the sales this week and this style is getting harder to find. Any recommendations for other non snag hairbands welcome

90 degree squat jumps 1012-turn-squat-jump

Starting in athletic position, start a squat jump down and as you explode up, rotate/jump to your right landing in a squat, repeat to left. 3 x 30 seconds of those bad boys should have your quads on fire. You can make it extra fun jumping the 90 degrees on to a step or bosu. Just remember to repeat it the side if you do. Image taken from womenshealthmag

Zico Coconut WaterIMG_0878

Post workout and run refreshment and hydration. It’s the nicest bottled coconut water I’ve been able to find in the city.

Mondays RainbowIMG_8494

In the BlackIMG_1324

5000km ran since 2010. I would have reached this last year, but I didn’t use NikePlus for a year due to shoe sensor problems. Regardless, 5000km is a lot of leg work.

Have a great weekend! Our furniture finally arrives tomorrow! Apparently there was a mix up of phone numbers at Ikea.

What’s been your favourite thing this week?



  1. says:

    Probably a secret scoff of chocolate :-p just for when nothing else will do! Hope the furniture is a welcome relief, I bet you can’t wait to flop onto a comfy settee -especially after your mileage, congrats and well done on keeping focused. Go you 🙂 xxxxxx enjoy the weekend x

    1. says:

      Ha, Ha! Thank you! You enjoy that chocolate and have yourself a great weekend!

  2. says:

    Gosh I love coconut! Have an amazing wknd!!!

    1. says:

      You too!

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