Say What? Breakfast Switch Up

For the past few days after 2 years I’ve shock horror switched up my breakfast. What?!

Breakfast has always been the meal I most look forward too. For a while it was wholemeal toast and honey, then porridge/oatmeal with grapes, before back to wholemeal toast and honey. In 2011 I purchased the Tone It Up Vegetarian Nutrition Plan and breakfast was never the same! While many rave about their pancakes, I fell in love with Berry Be Good Oatmeal: oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, berries, honey and Greek yoghurt. Easy peasy to heat in the microwave (1 part oats to 2 parts water, 3 minutes on high) with the honey, yoghurt and berries added afterwards. Even on a hot summers day, I look forward to it! Blueberries and raspberries are my favourite toppings and mango works nicely too.

For a change at the weekend instead of Greek yoghurt, I added almond milk. Avrio yoghurt, there’s a new player in town! IMG_4023

It’s still as filling but without the yoghurt it’s not as heavy. Added bonus, I’m not buying into the commercial dairy farming milk market.

Do you have the same thing for breakfast everyday or switch it up everyday?

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