Things I Learnt In June

If I had gone sideways rather than forwards along the 2nd monkey bars during in the Maori Race I think I could have done them without any help. I practice going forwards and sideways on the beach monkey bars and have a wider stronger grip and overall strength if I go sideways. Plus the Maori Race monkey bars were further apart than what I’m used to, so to sideways would have meant a wider swing/base to attack them as I skip a bar sideways on the beach. For some reason it only occurred to me in the race to approach them forwards.

If you get up early enough, you’re rewarded with amazing sunrises. 

Tarte Cosmetics now ship directly to Spain! Woo hoo! I got free shipping and the products are cheaper than brands equivalent in Sephora! Not all products can be shipped here which I’m okay with. The products I’d like to try can be and I’m hoping aduanas or customs is nice.

Friendship takes work. Many of my friends are all over the world. Each year contact with a few is less. It’s sad, I get life gets busy and somethings are meant to be.

I’m the oldest out of most of my friends and clients yet I feel the youngest in so many ways. They all seem to have it together. Full time work or studying, know where they’re going and I’m still wandering figuring things out. The way I dress sometimes (never mutton dressed as lamb. The day that happens, call me out!), the way I act I feel the youngest. Even the things I buy I think maybe cut down on the cute, aren’t ‘grown up’ whatever that is. I joke I was born 10 years early as I don’t feel my age, act it or look it to some. Out of my acquaintances I’m the more or less the youngest and feel it.

If you sleep with make up on it ages you as your skin can’t rejuvenate properly with hours old suncream and BB cream. Yes, I commit the ultimate make up sin sometimes crashing sound asleep when I get back for just ’10 minutes’ 5 hours later without removing my make up. For every time I sleep with it on, it takes a week to get it looking back to how it was with a little help from sheet masks and clay masks.

I’m getting more and more disenchanted with Sephora España. They only have a few brands that are cruelty free or don’t sell in China; Nars, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Becca and Too Faced. Nars, is too expensive. I love one of their mascara’s, I don’t like it lasts a month before drying up. Kat V Don, her concealer I love, the rest the line, I don’t use full coverage foundation, liquid lipsticks etc. Too Faced I’ve never got on with and has nasty ingredients as does Becca and Urban Decay whose formulas I’m not keen on. I try to stay away from nasty ingredients like petroleum, palm oil and parabens. Sephora USA has so many cruelty free brands! Sometimes I wish the Spanish government would be a little lenient with the sale of cosmetics and skincare. The newer brands in say they don’t test, but physically sell in China and have those nasty ingredients, so I walk on by.

I love my BB cream/cushion compact though some days more than others I think my skin looks better without it. I keep thinking just apply some concealer but I’m too chicken. Same for eyeliner. I need it for the illusion bigger almond eyes! I feel undressed if I don’t leave with my face on, but now it’s hot, it feels like layer a few hours later I don’t want. I don’t wear much, I’ve no idea how to contour, apply blush and bronzer preferring the ‘natural look’. I’m wondering how far I can go with a natural look without scaring people. Eyeliner and a bare face isn’t a balanced look. I’d save so many pennies and time if I wore less! At least with it I don’t get you’re tired comments as those bags can be tired.

Usual full face end of the day after the hairdressers. Can’t do sh*t with smile lines!

What a better light can do. BB cream, a little concealer, mascara, day old hair in serious need of a wash having had to be up early.  I can’t go one day without washing my hair and couldn’t wait to wash it later after a run. I guess I can’t do minimal natural look.

With regards to the above, I’ve learnt summer months are nicer without powder and I’ve cut out some eyeshadow to just base and crease. More time and lighter eyes. Eyeliner and mascara staples as always.

I prefer North American YouTuber/vloggers and bloggers or any bloggers and vloggers to British ones. Less consumerism.

That I’m grateful I wasn’t born 115+ years ago and had to deal with petticoats, corsets, full length skirts and sleeves in hot weather for modesty. Give me shorts and T shirt/cami top and I’m good.

That fashion doesn’t do summer. I’ll leave high summer fashion to the fashionistas to sweat it out. The off the shoulder puffy sleeves for example, I’d overheat, get odd tan lines. I prefer looser flow-ier pieces and just grateful I live in an era I can wear more or less what I want.

That swan’s don’t have the monopoly on The Ugly Duckling.

What did you learn in June? I seem to be going through a looks phase. Insert laughing emoji.