No Hay Rebajas Aqui And Catch Up

Happy Thursday!

While Spain’s great for somethings, sunshine, olive oil, tapas, big sale discounts is one thing I discovered it’s not. I’ve mentioned before sale discounts aren’t much here. Normally 20-30% which isn’t to be sniffed at, but the big discounts of 40-60% are normally reserved for the non Spanish retailers or it’s only department store El Corte Ingles. As most European high street shops are owned by Spanish Inditex, big discounts only occur towards the end of August on stock nobody really wants. I’m beginning to think this year the sales have been and gone without me noticing.

Even non Spanish stores I’ve noticed this summer have fewer discounts, fewer sale signs in windows. Maybe the big discounts are all on online. I haven’t really looked online as the shops are just down the road, so there’s no need to buy online if I can get it in store physically. I don’t usually buy much in the sales anyway. If I do it’s mostly linen from Zara Home and taking advantage of online beauty stores 20% off everything! Even Sephora hasn’t got or isn’t advertising in store, sales. They had 20% off €60 or 25% off €120 a few weeks ago, and 20% off their own brand so maybe they’re are being sneaky this year. They’ve had their sales disguised at their quarterly discount weeks. I didn’t buy anything back then as there was nothing I needed. The reason for my little protest, I’ve been patiently waiting for a pair of sunglasses to hit the sales.

2 years ago I patiently waited for a pair of Oakleys polarised Frogskins I’d seen in The Sunglasses Hut to be reduced in the sales. They were at 50% off! Unfortunalty I ended up paying full price within a year as I’d scratched the lenses. l liked them so much I again waited for the winter sales to repurchase which didn’t happen, as they weren’t included. I ended up getting replacement lenses which were about 1/2 the full sale price. I’ve scratched them again right in front of the pupils which bothers me hence looking for a new pair. I decided to go with Oakley polarised sunglasses again as A, they’re not a designer brand who also sells fur or tests on animals, B, coloured lenses suit me better than a block of black or brown as they’re always too dark for my face, C I like polarised sunglasses and they’re hard to find here. I tried Hawkers last year and ended up buying 2 pairs as the frames broke on each on. I thought if I buy another pair, I’m already at 1/2 the Oakleys price so might as well just buy a pair that’s better quality. I could only find the model in 2 stores in Barcelona and online with 40% off. Long story short I’ve ended up ordering them online with free shipping. The Sunglasses Hut Spain, big discounts are a thing of the past, 20% off the whole store and the other place had 35% off. I’m just hoping now the site I ordered the from is legit as it’s been 4 days and I’ve yet to receive a shipping confirmation email. I have received an order confirmation. On the flip side less discounts, less junk and unwanted goods people buy just because it’s on offer, which means less waste in the long run!

Anyways, aside from hunting sunglasses in the sales, here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days…


Visiting the I’Umbracle in Parc de la Cuitadella running errands. P had never been and I think he liked it as much as me. 

A late run thanks to running errands so early.


I had company again with Tone It Up workouts. Someone else seems to like not going to the gym on Saturdays and doing home workouts. I picked workouts with mini bands as that someone doesn’t like them much and I do *evil laugh*.

The weather wasn’t the greatest beach weather and ended up skipping it. Time was getting late and I had those sunglasses to find! On the way into the centre we stopped off visit African Fashion Week Barcelona. I think the main event was the cat walk which was ticket only. I thought it’d be quite big as it had been advertised on the flag pole throughout the city so I was surprised to see only a few stalls in El Borne Centre de Cultura. They had some really beautiful pieces, sadly not in my colours.

Storm clouds


Up bright and early to beat the heat running. I ended walking than I’d liked as I kept stopping for photos! 

Running along one beach wall I noticed this guy all on his lonesome. Human’s to battle! I seriously have no idea who it is. 

Back early I could get some computer work done, aka blog work, tidy up with the plan to leave early for the beach before the zoo. I ended up only have a few extra minutes which wasn’t a bad thing as I could feel a slight chill in the wind. The temps are now back to summer hot and I somehow made last zoo entry with a few minutes spare.

Always up to mischief Still trying to removing winter layers Week old baby impala. There are now 2!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

I’m not sure what happens on Mondays. The day goes so quickly, it isn’t always productive with most Mondays leaving me asking what did I do today? Before I know it it’s always time to leave for the gym. Tuesday’s are much the same, but if I’m up early enough I can get some work done before the gym and teaching. I’m at the moment looking, editing, trying to be more resourceful with time seeing where it goes. Social media’s one. I’ve cut down in Instagram and YouTube time, but the time ends up going somewhere I’ve no idea where!

Have you noticed sales are getting less and less. I know it’s usually stock they want out to make way for newer stock, but I see smaller and smaller discounts every year. Maybe they think, especially high street/fast fashion retailers the clothes are so cheap they don’t need to be reduced much. Maybe they’re greedy and want the money. Maybe they want more consumerism as if there isn’t enough of it already? So many maybes and theories!




  1. says:

    I don’t even know when sales are in China. I think they have all year round, haha.

    I seem to remember I almost never found anything interesting in the summer sales in Spain. Yep, it was all the stuff no one wanted…

    1. says:

      The sales definitely are this year the stuff nobody wants. A few pieces in a few shops I recognise from last year as they must have dug out from out the back to sell!

      The new autumn collections will in shortly which I never get why in Spain. It’s not until late October you really start to switch out your summer wardrobe. In August I want summer pieces not autumnal pieces!

  2. says:

    I think online is where you’ll find the sales. At least that’s what many have said.
    Happy summer!

    1. says:

      I think that’s were they are too. I prefer to buy in store if I can: can try on items, less hassle to return and less waste returning items. But then I love the comfort of shopping online.

      Have a great summer too! 2 months of no school?

      1. says:

        That’s right! I’m officially a bum.
        I heard returning an item can be a hassle if things don’t fit well with online shopping.

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