Finding balance and some Lemoncello

I forgot to mention in my last post that Menton is famous for it’s all year round lemons thanks to it’s it’s own warm micro climate. The surrounding mountains also protect it from Mistral’s, like the one that hit the Cote d’Azur yesterday. White horses were racing across the bay.IMG_9172

While we’re on subject of lemons. Lemoncello. A beautiful Italian drink. Italians have a shot of it after dinner to aid digestion. It tastes like lemon Starbursts, probably has just as much sugar as Starbursts and tastes amazing! I don’t drink much alcohol, though I always make an exception when lemoncello’s involved!

Monday started with an amazing Autumn sunrise. After a few initial knee niggles, my workout was a sweaty one. Training with injury isn’t always easy or fun. Sometimes it’s more about rehab, sometimes it’s about pushing the limits. One day you can feel strong, the next your scaling back down. Most importantly it’s about finding a balance between listening to your body, listening to your mind and finding ways to work through or around the situation. It’s a lesson I’m gradually learning as my will is stronger than my body!IMG_9140IMG_9144

After a full afternoon of insoles and work, I was knocked out! I’d expected it would take a week to adjust to my new posture, but not to be so tired at the end of the day. The knee is definitely making it clear in the evenings it’s not too happy with the adjustments!

Tuesdays workout under Mr Aj’s watchful eye, I kept the weights low. After speaking with the Osteopath, if the problems continue for more than a week, I may have to schedule another appointment. I could have lifted more, but played it save….Osteopath visits are expensive!IMG_9156

Tuesday’s windy bike ride!IMG_9179IMG_9165We went to Nice for the afternoon to get some Converse leopard print trainers I’d seen last week. We’ve decided to take several pairs to the podiatrist this week so she can say which size fits me best. The shoes the insoles fit feel way too big. I’m not sure what I’ll achieve by taking different sizes in. All I know is that I don’t like the feeling of my heels lifting up inside the shoe when I walk!

By the time we got back, I was knocked out again. I’m lucky that P cooked my dinner, leek soup and salad. If it was up to me, it’ll just be a peanut butter sandwich and bed!IMG_9185

Wednesday the wind stopped but was grey all day. One of those days where the afternoon looked the same as the morning and only the hour would let you know which. I’d gone to bed with my leg feeling twisted and within an hour of waking up, it corrected itself….OUCH!

I wasn’t with it grocery shopping (P had asked I’d be quick as the boat was having a lunch he wanted to attend). I forgot P’s juice essential, chard though the cupboard is now stocked with kidney beans and chocolate (the dark orange kind!)! The one week I didn’t write a list!

I received not so news about my YMCA Personal Training certificate. The course provider as from last week is no longer in business. I contacted the certification awarding body who said that in September they gave my course provider: ‘suspension of his approval status subject to permanent withdrawal’. My certificate has been caught up in all this and is being held with the awarding body. I now have to resend my course work for re-evaluation.

To get my head around this, fresh air was needed! I had a great ride to come back to a twisted thigh. Great. Rest? No, go for a 5km run. I felt better for having ran things out. Yep, my will stronger than my body. Slowly learning!

IMG_9192This boy needs no excuse to sleep! D enjoying the afternoon sun.
IMG_0235How do you train around injury? Which do you listen more to: mind or body?


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  3. says:

    The balance of body, mind, pushing through is an art… I hope to master it someday. Actually, I want to master it TODAY. Ha, no surprise.

    1. says:

      I would have like to have mastered it a few months ago! It’s a game of patience.

  4. says:

    Yes to the leopard print Converse shoes!!

    1. says:

      A girl can never have too many leopard print accents!

  5. I love your furballs! 🙂
    And I TRY to listen to my body, because my mind is CRAZY when I’m injured!

    1. says:

      I know the feeling only too well and you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands!

      The furballs say Hello!

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