Apple Muffins and Menton

The clocks go back an hour next weekend as British and European Summer Time officially ends. Noooooo! It already starts to get dark around 6.30pm so I’m not looking forward to it being darker an hour early. I feel like the day is done! Give me long sunny days any day!IMG_9047

Saturday was an at home day. P is studying a Food Science course, so spend most of the day experimenting out how to calibrate the oven with sugar, watching clips to find the PH level of lemonade and other acids and all the big bang science theories of cooking!

My workout was good, considering my knee. I had intended to try plank hops but decided last minute on plank jacks for 30 second cardio bursts. I upped Tone It Up skinny dips to their crab shacks/ups on the last circuit.IMG_9035

Even though I’d been on top of the washing in the week, I got hit with three loads and hand washing! How did that happen?!

While P studied, I caught on to do list things and spent/wasted a good hour finding out how shoes should fit with insoles. I’m still non the wiser! I’m seeing the podiatrist this week to see if they’re the right size or not. I love the internet, but sometimes it’s like going into a rabbits warren!

It was getting too dark for the park, so I went for a bike ride as the sun set.IMG_9049

Sunday we’d planned to go to Menton on the French Italian border after a 5km run. I finished off my last batch of pre workout/run cookies and was still hungry. It only takes 20 minutes to whipped up a batch. I like these cookies as they’re light enough to workout out on and provide substantial workout fuel. Two hours later we set off running! As the oven was on I decided to make Blogilates Apple and Cinnamon Muffins. I swapped some ingredients around and they were delicious! P taught me to make apple sauce from scratch. So easy compared to google finds!IMG_9071

It was perfect running weather: cool and overcast. Quiet a few other runners were out later in the morning. A definite change from two months ago.IMG_9069

Around mid afternoon we set off. Normally at the motorway tolls P pays. This time I was the one leaning off the bike paying the toll! It was a lot easier and quicker.

Coming off the motorway I didn’t realised just how high it was in the mountains. After turning off for Menton looking back up, the bridge was sky high!IMG_9090 Menton is known as the Pearl of France and in the summer it no doubt lives up to it’s name with flowers everywhere. The sea was turquoise as we rode up the promenade. We headed to the old town for a parking space and saw that Italy was 1000m away. Italy for pizza as you do! We didn’t know (or didn’t think to think) that there would be a coastal road as well as a motorway to Italy. We went to Ventimiglia, turned around and went back France! We’d been before, but it wasn’t as pretty as Menton. Even though Menton is quite Italian with it’s architecture with a bit of French flair added on, the first village in Italy, Latte, there was notable difference in style.

Looking out to FranceIMG_9088

Looking out to Italy


Lighthouse Keeper

We got back to Menton to enjoy the last half hour of light and wander around the old town, before stopping of coffee and heading back.

The Sherpa. AKA BMW 1200GS

IMG_9078Are you looking forward to the clock going back and those long winter evenings? It’s never a nice feeling leaving for work in the dark and coming back in the dark!


  1. So beautiful! Seriously!

    1. says:

      I can’t begin to imagine it in the summer! If it was good enough for Queen Victoria to holiday in, then you know it’s good!

  2. says:

    Ahh Italy is definitely on my bucket list of places to go!!

    1. says:

      It’s a beautiful country to visit. I’ve only explored a bit of the North. Milan is buzzing with life and you can shop ’til you drop! Villages in the mountains near San Remo such as Triora are stunning and quiet and when I say quiet you can hear silence!

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