Blue, White, Grey and Pink

The sun definitely doesn’t shine all year round on the Cote d’Azur as this French poster suggests. It’s been grey since the 31st and it’s beginning to make me feel a little blue. Morning runs have taken a little more umph to get out the door. Putting on my running gear and trainers normally does the trick knowing I’ll feel better afterwards.

Sunshine all year round on the Cote d’Azurroger-broders-sur-la-cote-d-azur

I wasn’t the only one out enjoying running and cycling in the drizzle. 10km run Friday was a hard one with lots of foam rolling afterwards!IMG_2030

This winter I’ve made an effort not to dress in dark colours and have been wearing more white, light grey and colourful tops. I find that when I dress to match the colour of winter my mood matches the cold, wind and rain. This winter I’ve been a lot more happier when leaving the house. As with many people, what we wear can set the tone for the day. Motivation comes from inspiration and to keep the motivation going you have to keep inspiration going. I like to see my motivation. Wearing lighter colours lightens my mood and reminds me warm weather is coming!IMG_0002

Motivation comes from within, but I need to draw it from somewhere. Just looking, reading or listening to something that makes me happy can get it going. It doesn’t matter is it’s jewellery, art, youtube, magazines, a saying, daylight (I’m more motivated when it’s daylight), nighttime (I need bright lights otherwise I get sleepy!), a person, like minded people or a photo. Goals need motivation. Motivation needs a reminder! I draw a lot of inspiration and motivation from Instagram and the internet. I’m a visual person. I need to see it to get inspired! Nature inspires me also. I crave fresh air everyday and look forward to my bike rides, runs and walks. I reflect on my day and that can set ideas off!

I get inspired by tropical colours. Just a glance can set off ideas or remind me of my goals. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out, but there’s a lot of bright pink in my next project: friendships bracelets. Yep, it’s a teen thing to do, but I’m sure many of you have checked out the ones with studs and sparklers on! Tropical pink makes me happy and reminds me of where I want to go. I hope you’re still with me!


As for my fitness motivation, I just do it! I like to push myself and as a trainer I constantly need to up my game and kept out of a rut. I read, study and watch a lot of fitness youtube fitness videos (1 exercise can go in many directions). It’s not just the big trainers who motivation me. People who won’t normal train do, people being amazed by what their bodies can do, people just getting out there and getting their fitness on. If they can do it, why can’t I in my own way?IMG_2008

I noticed on a bike ride this week, it was 5.10pm and just turning dusk. 2 weeks ago it would have been dark. 2 weeks after the winter solstice and the days are already getting noticeably longer. As much as I love warmer weather, I’ll miss wrapping up warm. But that’s in 2 months and until then I’m wearing my lighter colours!IMG_2013What motivates you to do what you do and keep going? Do you use a reminder? Where you do you draw your inspiration from?



  1. says:

    Wow, your post has just inspired me – amazing pictures, thanks for sharing.
    My biggest motivation is having someone to exercise with, left to my own devices I’m not sure how I’d do!! I’ve just had a break from work over Christmas and tried to run most days but I go back to work tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how much I can keep it up. I liked seeing the picture of your workout equipment ready to use that’s a good idea :-). New workout clothing motivates me as I like to see how it performs!! Have a great day xx

    1. says:

      Wow…thank you! Having a partner to get you going is great. A healthy bit of competition is good! New workout clothes are good one too, especially when you feel good in them before running! Check out Tone It Up’s Love Your Body Challenge on it might help to get a run schedule going and me time aka run time is a must! Have a good week back at work 😉 xx

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