After The Rain, Must Come Sunshine

First week of back to normal and it looks like a busy one!

Up early Saturday to take Mr AJ to the vets. No operation. They’re pleased with his progress and it may be cat flu/cat herpes related which he carries thanks to his cat parents. He’s on 9 eye drops and 2 capsules a day. He’s back later this week for progress check. None of this kept him from getting excited looking out the window on the ride back on his Mama’s lap. The first thing his brother did when he got back was check out the transport box and ask for snacks. Brotherly love at its best. D’s, going this week also. While he’s a big opportunist for food, he’s been asking a lot more lately, which is unlike him. Especially when he wants broccoli and sweet potato!

Sandbag offset wood chop combo squats, resistant band extensions JC Santana style and weighted skater lunges thrown in my circuit Saturday. Definitely a HIIT circuit, so I 3miles/4.80km added to #100byVDay (100 miles by Valentines Day) Love Your Body challenge that Tone It Up is doing again this year.IMG_2057

The rain was on and off and too heavy for a bike ride. With no plans made as we didn’t know if AJ was having surgery, I went 30 minute walk for fresh air along the sea wall and reopened ramparts, before going to the Nike outlet store in Villeneuve Loubet. The only Nike store from the Italian border to Marseille! I tried on few shorts, but you really have be careful buying from their outlets. Some are seconds (sleeves different lengths, seams are out), surplus stock or old styles. The trainers I believe are surplus as they always have the current styles and colours. Paul picked up some trail trainers which got good reviews from Tough Muddlers. We both noticed that after a year of running Ascis (me) and Mizuno (Paul), the difference immediately between them and Nike. It’s true that once you’ve tired Asics you don’t want to go back! Paying extra and smart shopping is worth it. We’ve ordered online both Asics and Mizino’s for €60 less than the French retail price from and with shipping. Lots of parcels this week! I picked up some very much needed trainer socks and training gloves. One thing I find Nike does do well is make good ladies training gloves.

Overcast and threatening to rain Sunday morning, we decided to run in the park anyway. My feet needed a break from concrete and Paul wanted to try out his new trainers. The sun came out when we got there. Sun worshipping a must!IMG_0003The park was beautiful. After days of rain, everything sparkled in the sunlight. 7km, minimum ankle b*t*ch*ng, got covered in mud and hills easier this time. Now just got to power up them! No earphones, birds and squirrels instead. For some reason I don’t like listening to music in the park.

Work it!

Post run to MacDonald’s for our new post park run ritual…take out coffee! MacDonald’s, do surprisingly good coffee! Rainforest Allience at that! We’re a bit lazy and opt for drive thru…don’t want to get fast food smell on me!

Took it easy for the rest of the day. Not even a bike ride. Just happy to hang out with my boys and let my body recover and repair. Yoga and foam rolling in the evening. I have a love hate relationship with that thing!

We’re on a BBC Luther marathon at the moment staring Idris Elba (The Wire). A little late to the party with this one as we’ve just finished series 1 from 2010. If you’re into dark crime dramas, this one is up there. If you’re not, check it out anyway on Netflix. Amazing acting and great London, Essex and ‘proper’ English accents. Most definitely recommend it and not surprised it won a Golden Globe. We should finished all the series this week!

I hope you had a great weekend and didn’t let the weather stop you from having fun! Do have a preference over trainer brands? If so what’s your favourite?

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