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Is anyone else a little sad the Christmas Lights and Trees came down on Monday? I’ll miss them brightening up the nights. I found out yesterday that 7th January in Russia is Christmas Day and the Old New Year in two weeks. Something to do with an old calendar and break up of the Soviet Union. I should really do my research on it! Asia gets big celebration soon welcoming the Chinese New Year of the Horse (I’m a Monkey. No surprises there!) at the end of the month. What does Europe have to look forward to? A cold winter and Valentines Day, which does’t hold the same excitement as Christmas or the New Year.

Where am I going with this? No idea, just what was on my mind!

Up early Monday for a builder who didn’t show. I did however catch the first sunrise of 2014 that hasn’t been covered with clouds.IMG_2159

I powered through same HIIT workout as last Monday with slightly quicker circuit times. As I had a free morning I managed to get some studying done. I’m currently rereading fitness books and training guides. A refresher’s always good! I can’t undertake REPS level 3 fitness courses until I get my PT certificate, (explains all at the bottom). I received an update, that CYQ, the awarding body have been able to recover some assessments for re-evaluation, but it’ll take some time. Bang head on wall.

On our last trip to Decathlon, I purchased a Selle Royal gel saddle specially for ladies. As all girls with not much junk in the trunk know, cycling can be uncomfortable. I chose the classic model and can say it was a good buy. The bike’s a lot comfier now.IMG_2181Catching the last light.IMG_2190 IMG_2191

My go to salad for dinner as it was my turn to cook. Spinach, rocket and kidney bean salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onion and carrot with flaxseed sprinkled on top. A trick I discovered in the summer last year, is make extra dinner and have in a wholemeal wrap the next day. Duh! Most of the time it tastes better the the next day when the flavours have marinated.IMG_2195

The tree came down Tuesday. I’ll miss the lights in the evening, but happy to have space back again. Maybe I should put fairy lights somewhere to make up for them. I had great fun with alligator crawls/push ups in my workout. Totally killed my hamstrings with fit ball hip raises followed by pilates/Jane Fonda style side kicks. The last few burned, but in that a good way!IMG_2223

Just as I was about to start working out, I received these Hermes bad boys, aka Asics Gel Nimbus 15 in the post.IMG_2206IMG_2207

They have to be the comfiest trainers I’ve ever worn, with just the right about of pink. From above they look like they’ve got wings. I received too, Alba Botanica Hawaniian body lotions I ordered from I glad they stock this range now as I’d always want to try it and it’s a reasonable price even in Europe. I love their pineapple cleanser and green tea and aloe vera moisturiser.IMG_2169The sun was out for my bike ride before work. Or was I out early enough to see the sun?!IMG_2240

After a training session with Paul (Yep, I’m training him again or assisting), he made these lettuce rolls, with a delicious peanut sauce. Heaven!IMG_2257

It took a lot of umpf to run Wednesday. I nearly didn’t as after demonstrating resistance band extensions, rotations and crunches to Paul the night before, I had knee and ankle pain for the first time in weeks. I didn’t warm up, so paid the price. This morning it felt okay. Not the greatest run as I got bored (my mind was on other things), but I ran, with minor niggles and added another 7km to #100byVDay. Sometimes you just have to run things out and every now and then, take the not so good runs. Makes you appreciate the good ones!IMG_2261

I’m thinking of making my posts more regular and changing the content slightly. It’ll be easier for me and quicker for you to read! Short and Sweet. Let me know what you think!

What’s your go to dinner? Do you get excited receiving parcels?


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    Hi! I like your blog so much I nominated you for the sunshine award!

    1. says:

      Thank you!!!

  2. says:

    My Christmas tree actually is still up and I’m debating whether or not I want to take it down!! haha I may put some hearts on there for Valentine’s Day.

    Love the gorgeous pics as always! Have a great week!

    1. says:

      Thank you! I really didn’t want to take the tree down. As consolation it’s on my balcony. I haven’t got the heart to dispose of it, while it’s still healthy! Have a great week too!

  3. says:

    Such beautiful photos! If there are two things I know best its bags and shoes, and those my friend… are some killer kicks. 🙂

    1. says:

      Yes they are 😉

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