Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you had a great weekend! The heat started this weekend which I’m not complaining about one little bit! It feels like I’ve waited for ages to it to arrive every since it first started whispering hello at the beginning of May. I’ve mentioned before that the past few months I’ve really noticed how quickly the days shorten and lengthen, how quickly the light changes and how quickly times moves. With that in mind and the Summer Solstice in 8 days, you bet I’m going to lap up the heat until it says see ya for the Southern hemisphere. 

This week’s Weekend Friday Favourites is slightly different this week. A little catch up thrown in amongst things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week on a Monday. I couldn’t keep my eyes opening editing late Sunday evening. Feel free to comment on what’s been making you smile or caught your eye too!

The Cats


Aj’s back to his proud, perky self. I let him have Monday morning bandage free and as he didn’t lick any hair that had started to grow back, the socks and bandages were retired. His chicken legs are now covered in white and ginger fluff as the hair grows back. His coat’s lost it’s shine (cats have 4 types of hair), his tail’s skinny from fur loss, but to see him back to himself, running away from medicine makes me happy. He’s now on new epilepsy medicine that costs a fortune in comparison to the previous one, however he’s worth every single penny. 


Mischief maker somehow got a tick behind his ear Monday. No idea how as he’s a high rise indoor cat. Thankfully it hadn’t started to feed and was able to removed it complete. The tick was enough to send both P and I on a massive hunt to see if it was the only one. Thankfully it appears it was and he’s more or less his usual self. His hyperthyroid medicine dose’s been upped a little to see how he goes with an option for another (that again in cost comparison’s expensive) which has calmed him a little but I’m still concerned it looks like he’s lost a little more weight. It could be the heat as he’s been seeking out all the cool spots to escape it. Thursday I was out most of the day which he didn’t like so much. A ear scratch wasn’t enough for him getting back late. Walking around holding him like a baby for a few minutes was, followed by a trance massaging my arm pit. I’ve no idea why he likes my right arm pit! 

Moa The Green Balm

Containing miracle worker yarrow, I use this when I haven’t been too kind to my spots. The vet gave a hydrocortisone cream to help with AJ’s skin issues, which I didn’t honestly want to use it. Instead I used Moa (purchased on Amazon.co.uk. Cheaper international delivery!) an organic multi purpose calming balm to help relieve the itchiness and kick started healing under the socks. I pretty it sure it worked a treat for him. Yarrow’s full of healing properties and although I’ve since found out double checking my facts for here, the plant eaten itself is toxic for cats as listed on ASPCA and is rare if they do, in a balm or salve for topical treatment it’s okay. Moa also contains sweet almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil, tree tea to name a few. It’s great on insect bites and mild eczema  too!

Weighted Jumping Jacks

I saw this move in one of my gym’s cross training circuits and I was I’ve gotta try that out! It’s super easy and surprisingly fun! Perform a regular jumping jack, but with a weighted bar. Not too heavy, about 3-5kg. Instead of a hand clap at the top of the jack, you’re pressing the bar up in to a shoulder press lowering it when jacking out with your legs.

Graffiti IMG_3024

The Ajuntament allowed another official city graffiti mural wall. These were for Primerva Sound and took the artists about 3 days as I followed the progress on the my runs 2 weeks ago. 

Longer Days

21.00 shopping in the centre and still light!

It gets dark dark around 21.45. Big heart faced emoji.

The Moon

She’s been amazing over the sea as she’s grew into her June Strawberry Full Moon

Flower Wall

Cycling to the dentist, a wall of flowers caught my eye and when a scooter pulled up I loved the combination of the them both.


Yes, I made the zoo! 

Sun Siestas

It was a little too windy of the beach last week. When your gym however has a sea view terrace right next to the sea, you don’t end up covered in sand and can find a spot out the wind for a sneaky sun siesta after your workout.

Internet Finds

The puzzling way that writing heals the body. BBC Future

Bunmi Banjo. Giving one million African’s a digital future. CNN

Lantau: Exploring Hong Kong’s greenest island. CNN

Make or break moment for the oceans. CNN

Hedgehog ‘blown up like a beach ball’ has ballon syndrome. BBC News. I wish him a speedy recovery!

Injured duck learns to swim. Care2

Death row dog becomes Ohio’s first pit bull police dog. Care2

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Have a great week!


  1. says:

    Poor kitty fellas. Sending healing thoughts and hugs.

    1. says:

      Thank you and they say thank you too! I more concerned at the moment that D’s not eating as much. It could be the heat, it could be his hyperthyroid. He’s eating crunch/kibble but not the chicken. Time will tell! Hope you guys are okay 🙂

      1. says:

        Ginny goes in for blood work, etc next weekend – a regular followup. I get nervous about those. She’s so tiny, she HATES the vet, and she’s 13.

      2. says:

        I got my fingers crossed for her! Are you there with her for the blood test? Diesel’s way calmer if I’m there. No going under to draw a bit of blood. Does she start singing in the cat carrier too?

      3. says:

        She meows the whole way there. They won’t let us be there for the blood draw. They take her into the back. She hollers and carries on. Last time I was beside myself. It was awful. I could hear her and knew it was her. My vet is a sweetheart. We’ve used her for years. She cried with Eric and I went our dog died 8 years ago. When Ginny was carrying on, I heard her say to the tech, “Go tell Donna she’s okay and I’m almost done.” She knew I was freaking out. When Ginny had emergency tooth surgery a few years ago, I rushed in right when they opened with my poor sick cat and I was crying and almost hysterical. The vet was wonderful. She really cares.

      4. says:

        Poor little girl! Is there any way you can say I’m being there with her? Plea her age? The vet couldn’t believe when I’m there for Diesel’s blood he’s a different cat. Without me they have to put him under. I only clued on as AJ’s blood tests were alway cheaper and asked. I was in France there was never any problem taking his blood which is when I realised I was there with him.

        I think most vets are dedicated to helping their clients. I’m lucky I can email mine if I’m unsure of anything.

        Fingers crossed she’s okay next week 🙂

      5. says:

        I think I will ask if I can go with her and see what they say. It doesn’t hurt to ask. She’s hissed at me at the vet but never bit or cried when I’m there.

      6. says:

        I’d play it! Plea Ginny trusts you and won’t fight! She needs her Mama to feel safe. Aj’s no problem at the vets without me as he’s so laid back. Diesel however’s a drama cat and needs his Mama! Good luck asking!

      7. says:

        Oh wow. No blood pressure being read today. She was WORSE with me there. The vet finally decided not to try it. The read wouldn’t be accurate. She was so upset and wouldn’t let them put the cuff on her foot. Yikes. They’re doing the blood draw now. I can hear her yelling. I’d like to never do this again. No one’s hurting her. She’s just fussing, and it sounds bad.

      8. says:

        Oh no! Maybe she just doesn’t like that vet! Hope she’s okay now!

      9. says:

        She didn’t like our other vet either. It’s vets in general I’m afraid.

      10. says:

        I don’t think anybody, human or animal likes going to the doctors or vets!

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