Muscle Ups, Cycling and Hippos

I can’t believe July will be August in a little under 2 weeks. This year’s going way too quickly and I’m not able to catch up (or maybe I’m too lazy too). Summer was late arriving here and like me trying to catch up. Last week the temps dipped, the 6pm clouds came blocking the sun and the wind picked up and hasn’t left. Weather apps predict the temps to rise this week and stay. I’m hoping as Summer was so late, it stays for an Indian Summer. I got my fingers crossed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyways I hope you had a great weekend and week so far. My weeks was low key, but I’ll leave ya with some photos.

I can now clear the bar as tall as me with muscle ups. They’re not clean or pretty, that will come, but I can clear it. I occasionally have bruises to show but it’s all Spartan Training. This year I’d like to be able to clear some walls on my own with out a leg up. I’m gonna be in need of leg ups. Work in progress in coming along being able to jump catch the bar on the multi functional frame (I really should find it’s name. Similar ones here by the same make). I can now just catch it, but not high enough to wrap my hand around to hang. It’s always my left hand that reaches first and I’m imaging when I do, it’ll take me and my shoulder socket by surprise. Accompanied by a huge squeal. I just need a bit more air. Thankfully guys have stopped coming up to me saying use a step and then on tip toe grab the bar and do pull ups.

Please excuse the flyways giving me an odd shaped head. If I hadn’t of pointed it out, you wouldn’t have noticed. IMG_0750

Friday, breaky with Mr AJ before a beach run with stairs runs.IMG_0700 (1)

IMG_0793 (1)

Running errands later in the centre looking for new running trainers.IMG_0806 (1)

Saturday, chores, home workout, beach, quick trip around La Maquinista. I only took photos of Mr AJ. As I like to be fair, here’s on of Mr D cooling off. Or trying too. IMG_0391

Sunday. No long run. I’ve recently been having foot/ankle pain or dull ache after running. I meant to replace my trainers a few weeks ago in the sales. The sales came, I never went to look at them. Result an ankle that feels like it needs clicking in place. I saw a physio last week who said too it was probably the trainers, which in turn as the body is like a chain, has also given me so hamstring and bum dull aches. I woke Sunday morning all set for a long run okay, was. I hardly got any sleep thanks to Barcelona’s annual Beach Party. The sound travels. When the music stopped at 6am I got some sleep but woke too late for a long run in the heat. My foot didn’t feel up for a run, so I decided to go for a long bike ride up the coast. My foot appriecated it, my hamstring kinda, my brain mentally loved it.IMG_0825IMG_0854IMG_0856

IMG_0859Coming out of beach access passages under the traintracks. IMG_0878

The beach Sunday afternoon and you guessed it the zoo afterwards. The zoo was busy but quiet compared to the beach. Monday’s at the beach are a dream. There’s enough space not to hear everybody’s conversations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALemme in!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACamouflaged. PeahenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABest way to hide, in plain sight.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPigmy hippo fun. I watched this little guy for 5 minutes ore playing while he swam and chased his ball. Or her!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Have a great week!


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