Hasta Luego Agosto

Summer’s still around for a few more weeks before the crispness of autumn arrives. The last few days in August if I can I like to spend outside as much as possible soaking up the the last of summer. Preferably at the beach. Okay, any day in the summer I like to spend as much time outside or at the beach. I’ve got all winter to be cooped up inside more, but even then I prefer to be outside. September while technically most of it is summer, it’s name just doesn’t conjure up the same buzz. Things start to go back to how they were. Beaches get less busy which for me is just perfect!IMG_9764

September started a newly opened jar of cinnamon smashed all over the kitchen floor. I’d had my coffee, done a workout, I should have been aware of what I was doing. Nope. Spice is even worse that glass to clear up.

Monday’s workout was a great one. One of my favourite pieces of workout equipment at the moment is a suspension trainer. TRX is out of my budget and I found a great more affordable one from Woss on amazon. My current workouts have some moves from Dan Long incorporated in. Monday’s featured side lunge tucks, a great leg, core and balance exercise. Sadly I haven’t got enough room for the lateral jump squats/Tarzan jumps, otherwise I’d be embracing my inner monkey (Luna calendar). My alternative is to squat jumping laterally over a sandbag or step.

Back to basics workout Saturday. No jumping or twisting. I had a few ankle issues after seeing the Osteopath Friday. It’s okay for now and something I’ll monitor. Sunday it was feeling strong to run. 7km ended up being 10km. The breeze may have incited me into 10km. I took it easy, slow pace, rest when needed (watching fish off Badalona’s pier). No ankle parties, hamstring felt good. IMG_4162IMG_4170

Sunday we headed to Castelldefels, 20 minutes south from Barcelona for it’s silky soft beaches and warm shallow water. We’d spent Saturday afternoon at one of the cities beaches and if that was busy Sunday was going to be even more busier. Castelldefels was the opposite. I’ve hardly been in the sea this year. The air temp’s been cooler than usual in the afternoons this summer and I end up with numb fingers, shivering, so haven’t bothered. Sunday I more than made up for it. I spent about 1/2 hour or more swimming, jumping around, picking out shells from the beach face, soaking up the last day of August. As I settled down for my siesta, the wind picked up, massive clouds came blocked out the sun and I started to shiver. The great time I had in the water was complete worth every numb finger. But seriously August, you were cold.

I dream of the ocean breeze and sunlight on my face. Roxy




What did you get up to at the weekend? Are you happy Summer’s nearly over or sad that carefree days are coming to an end?




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    I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer and it stays warm enough for the playa. Great run. That’s amazing!

    1. says:

      Thank you! I hope it’s stays warm enough for the beach even if it’s to sneak away for half an hour!

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