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I felt a little out of place yesterday evening in Zara. There I was in shorts and a T surrounded by this years autumn/winter collection. Lots of blacks, greys, mauves, golds, buffs, dark blues and khakis. The complete opposite to the lighter colours I was wearing. I mostly stick to the basics (white, grey, blacks, blues, pinks. It makes it easier deciding what to wear) and add colour with accessories. Workout clothes however is the complete opposite!

I’m sure I’m not alone on this. It’s all about colour. The impact colour you’re wearing has on your workout or more to the point your mood is amazing. It can make or break a workout. If you’re feeling great in what you’re wearing, it’ll translate and will come through in your training. This morning workout I was wearing bright blue shorts and a black tank top. The blue made me smile and feel like pushing harder. Fitness is one of the few times we get to wear colours we love that otherwise we wouldn’t wear anywhere else without the fear of looking like a kid. There are few situations a where a grown woman of any age can wear bright pink and get away with it. IMG_6823

And back to Zara. I’m always on the look out for affordable good quality athletic wear. I’ve been a fan of Lululemon of many years, usually stocking up on holiday in the US or forfeiting shipping and customs. I got really excited last year when I found out they had a showroom in Covent Garden, London. No more custom fees! They now ship from Europe but I was shocked at the price tag. It had been 2 years since I Iast purchased some and the amount of abuse I put them through (running, yoga, biking, workouts) they are worth the money, but this time the price tag didn’t feel justified. My favourite pair of wunder under running crops failed the squat test (squat with your behind facing a mirror and if your knickers shine through, they’ve failed the squat test) and the quality felt different. I purchased two different pairs that successfully passed the squat test and felt good on. But what I want to know from fitness loving ladies is suggestions for other brands equal to Lululemon and kinder on the purse.

Lululemon, Nike, no colour


H&M running shorts. IMG_1498

This year there seems to have been an explosion in women’s sportswear. Many high street shops now have their own line (H&M had great running/workout shorts designed by the Swedish Olympic team this year. I got nearly every colour) with Decathlon and Nike dominating in Europe. Decathlon can’t take the workload. Nike I’m not a fan of the women’s range mainly due to fit and again the price tag for quality. I don’t buy just for the name. I workout in tank tops from Topshop mainly as they skim rather than fit. Sport bras I get from Panache. They’re one of the few companies that produce sports bras for ladies with small backs but have umpf up front, love to run and jump and can hold it all. This winter I’m in the look out for an in-between season running jacket, a winter running jacket, warm up long sleeved tops and tanks that skim. Any recommendations welcome (took a while to get to that!) that ship to Europe. I’ve hearing a lot about Lorna Jane, Splits59. Bodypop and Athleta. If you’re a fan of these brands or have found the next Lululemon that take can take on a serious workload, in bright pink, please shout and share!


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    I love workout clothes!!! We were at the mall last weekend and we went to the Nike outlet. OMG, they had so many great deals!! I’m talking 40% off of $21.99!!! Unfortunately, the lines were OUTRAGEOUS and so we didn’t get any of the great deals they had. Bummer. I am just not a good shopper. Though, I do know TJ Maxx and Marshalls have great deals on workout clothes!!! I like the workout zip-ups that have holes for your thumbs!!! My fave. Lululemon is great, but totally expensive!

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      I love workout zip ups that have thumb holes! A winter staple! There was a Nike outlet store up the road in France. I got a few things from there, but you have to be so careful. A lot of it is last season or excess stock, but a lot of it is seconds. I noticed things fitted oddly and the seams were out or one sleeve was longer than the other! Nike in the USA is cheaper even at full price to Europe. A pack of 3 head bands is about €15 and dry fit tops start at €40!

      My rule is I splash out on leggings, trainers, sports bra and thermal running jacket (with thumb holes!), though I always try to get them in the sales!

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