Organised Head Space


I have a confession. I dried my hair today with a Dyson hand dryer today. The one that you put your hands in-between the drying vent things and watch skin fly around. It was that or leave a trail puddles walking around the shopping centre, being watched like a hawk in shops.

It only works if you have long hair. I got caught out cycling in un-forecasted rain. Most of it as I was locking up my bike, 10 metres from the entrance. I knew it bad was people did that waterfall move aside move, you’re wet while they waited out it out (never have guessed you get wet when it rains). I considered taking a photo as I bended sideways with hands and hair in the dryer but decided to save some dignity. If Dyson ever decides to move into hairdryers, I’m getting one. Hair dried in no time.

My head feels all over the place at the moment. Organised chaos up in there. Tomorrow I’m recording/filming my Outdoor Fitness Coach evaluation, the balcony doors are finally being fixed (one hasn’t opened since May), I have a my race pack to collect, revise my lesson plan as my guniea pig client’s back is playing up so there’s no jumping during the cardio component, I’m worried I won’t hear my alarms the next few days, I haven’t practised enough, trained enough upper body strength for Sunday’s race, emails keep piling up, posts to read, trying to write clever without forcing it or seeming like I tired too hard but I can’t do anymore preparation, I’m just gonna have to wing it and roll on Sunday evening post race zzzz!

The past few days I haven’t felt motivated to take photos or write. The sea’s been pretty, Summer came back for 2 days (Yay! Beach!), but no inclination to say, post woo hoo. All I want to do is sleep or be outside, but that’s escape and not facing what needs to be done! Like the re laundering clothes that got caught in the heavy rain. Somehow yesterday I managed with the latest Apple system up date lock the sim card from the network. I know the Apple code was right as they’ve been asking it a few times as I press snooze. If I can remember the code 1/2 asleep, I can remember it any other time. I ended up going to the network shop for a new PUK code. Then I’ve killed the mini blender. It gave up on today’s smoothie and started smoking.

I did take a few photos. Dogs are allowed back on the beaches now beach season’s over. I think they love the beach more than humans do! Beach walkies

What’s your run and hide option when you need head space? Mine, lists, being outside and trying not to sleep or find excuses not to sort it out!


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