Weekend Friday Favourites

The big day’s here! Sunday I’ll be officially a Spartan! Aroo!

Not officially a Spartana just yet. I have to prove myself in battle first! When I cross the finish line and my training has paid itself, then I’ll allow myself to be called Spartan.Spartan Super

My battle plan is to have as much fun as possible, take my time, embrace the mud (ha!), wing everything I haven’t trained for, be prepared for more burpee’s I’ve ever done in one day than in my whole life and have 100% belief there’ll be no old ankle injury flare ups. The most important factor is to have fun. Nerves Adrenaline will kick in and do it’s thing. Coconut water and a veggie burger afterwards will do their thing.

Weekend Friday Favourites! Things that have made me smile this week or caught my eye!

Lemon Water and Peppermint Tea Hot Lemon Peppermint tea

I’ve joined the morning hot lemon water and afternoon peppermint tea brigade! Since last Friday night being ill, I haven’t wanted coffee. I had half a cup Sunday and Monday, but it didn’t taste right so this week I’ve skipped coffee! Instead hot lemon water in the morning and peppermint tea for an afternoon pick me up. The scary thing is that I haven’t had any coffee withdrawal symptoms from my usual 2 day (I think I detoxed it all out Friday night!) or felt as tired, which defeats coffee as a stimulant. I’ve actually felt lighter and cleaner from not having any. Peppermint tea I’ve always enjoyed, just got out of the habit and both are great for digestion. The only thing I have to be careful about is when buying the tea, go for poleo menta, peppermint, not menta or spearmint which I don’t like nearly as much. And of course both organic if possible!

Rediscovered Forever21 HandbagRediscovered Forever21 handbag

It’s time to switch around handbags now it’s getting cooler for a darker colour. I can’t find a cross over one I like that isn’t leather, too big or one that’s opening and strap is secure against pickpockets (Barcelona is renowned for pick pockets), so I’m using last winters from Forever21 which I rediscovered sorting out this week. It was a little scuffed around the buckle, nothing a black Sharpie couldn’t fix (shh!). I still have my rucksack cycling for water and snacks, however I like the option of hands free bags, hence cross over, but it has to be simple yet chic!

Rhino Nursery Barcelona Zoo

Rhino Nursery

This guy is huge but is a softy at heart. His enclosure this year has been a peachick nursery. I took this 2 weeks ago with a late peachick and it’s mama. He just sat there letting them roam around. I think he enjoys the company!

Indian SummerIndian Summer

Summer made a little reprisal this week. I’ve got used to going outside and feeling a slight chill in the afternoons but Monday and Tuesday it was back to shorts and hot, with Wednesday back to leggings! You bet I made time of the beach! I haven’t liked some much the rain this week. The other side of autumn fall days.

AJ and DMr Oh So Handsome Mr D and his cat friendly bag

These 2 have been up to their usual tricks of eating, sleeping, washing, sunbathing, making a mess in the bathroom (litter everywhere) with Diesel answering me back. I was proud of Angelous not running away from the workmen who came to assess the balcony doors for repair. Normally he runs for the duvet and hides.

Medicine Ball SlamsMedicine-ball-slams-workout-ben-richards

Always a favourite of mine! They work pretty much everything, targeting the back, shoulders and core with a high fun factor! Every now and then I amp them up with a 180 degree squat jump, though find I have to drop the weight if I do. They’ve been Spartan relevant this week!

Internet Finds

Fox cub rescued from being tangled in a football net.

Nat Geo Sumatran Rhinos

I never knew Sumatran Rhinos were hairy or the males sounded like whales! I hope these guys can be pulled back from extinction and it’s another reason why I try to avoid products containing palm oil.

Rats sniffing out land mines

When nature takes over after man made disasters

What’s been making you smile this week?

Medicine ball slam image: Goggle Images



  1. says:

    You are the fittest Spartan I know! Congrats on all your preparation..

    1. says:

      Thank you and Thank you! I am now Spartan! By far the fittest Spartan, but a Spartana all the same. The guy who ran the elite Beast, 21km with 35 + obstacles did it in 1h16m! It took me nearly 3 hours to do mine!

      1. says:

        Remind me to tell you about the Warrior Run in Ireland . Wouldn’t you like to be considered a Warrior too, Ms. Spartan? It’s on my list…

      2. says:

        It sounds like you need to do some more burpees! 🙂 just kidding!

  2. says:

    Maybe by the time you get this, it will be over…. For now! Kudos to you and I know you will have done yourself proud 🙂 funny how the system behaves after not being well, I get what’s on offer with mint teas and usually have a very large mug of it after tea everyday and in afternoons on a weekend. I like pukka 3 mint and I have just got recently tried Taylor’s of Harrogate green tea with sweet mint! I find the twinings teas too tasteless as I appreciate the mint kick for my digestion. Aldi have a mint tea that is just leaves cut in the bag and this is mega minty, you could re-use the bag all day and still get the mint hit. When I feel very off colour I’ve had the Yogi tea called stomach ease which has liquorice and turmeric in it and it does soothe a very upset tummy – mine can be ibs issues that make me feel terribly sick 🙁 but it rights itself after a day or two if I am careful. I hope you have plenty of strength left to lift your well deserved trophy YAY NAT xxxxxxxxx

    1. says:

      Thank you for you go get wishes!

      I like the sound of the Aldi version! I used to get plain old Tesco peppermint tea back in the UK. I even used to get my Mum to send it to me in France! Spearmint I’m not too keen on. I think there’s an Aldi somewhere here, so when I next pass one, I’ll definitely pop in and get some! Thank you for the recommendation!

      I am now a Spartan! It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but I imagine the 21km run is. With more mud. I’ll definitely do another, but for now, I’ve had my fill of mud for a while! Hope you have a great week peppermint lady 🙂

  3. says:

    I can’t believe it’s almost the big day! Can’t wait to read all about it. I love peppermint tea when my stomach feels off.

    1. says:

      I can’t believe it came around so quickly either!

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