Weekend Friday Favourites. 30.10.2022

Happy Halloween! 

Happy Halloween to those that celebrate it! My Mum never did, so I don’t. I get scared easily over spirits usually resulting in me freaking myself out, sleeping with a light on as if that would make any difference if the spirits wanted to play around.

Anyway, this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

Urban Wildlife

This week’s been urban wildlife week! I saw so many animals and insects that they need their own sub category. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. They were taken on my phone with either zoom or in the dark.


Stopping to take a photo of an Easter chick toy randomly placed on top of a wall bin on a run, out the corner of my eye I saw an urban rabbit! I’ve never seen a wild rabbit in Barcelona the whole time I’ve been here.


The boating lake in Parc de la Ciutadella this year has crayfish residents. I think maybe released by humans (even better if they (the humans) were setting them free from being eaten in a restaurant. The goldfish residents I’m not sure how they got there. Same way I’m sure). The pond/lake gets emptied every year for maintenance so neither are permeant residents. Anyway, cycling through the park this week I nearly ran over a crayfish! Initially I thought it was a scorpion. There are some in Catalunya. On investigation so it was a crayfish. I was ‘What? They live out of water too?’. A Google search later, they can live out of water. I’m still shuddering at the thought of running it over if I had. 

Carpenter Bee

Again on a run, running along some rocks I noticed a pretty butterfly on the same yellow bushes as last week. As I’m not into timed runs, I stopped for a photo when a huge black bee appeared with the most beautiful iridescent blue wings. Bigger than bumble bee. ID’ing via Picture Insect App it’s a carpenter bee! 


No photos. I know robins are in Parc de la Ciutadella and the zoo next door, however I rarely seem them. Maybe once a year. This week I saw 2! 

Autumn Fall Light

It’s still kinda warm, slowly getting chilly so there’s a lot of mist or hazy days which makes for amazing autumn fall light. 

Starlings or jackdaws eating palm fruit

Virginas Coco Bombóm Turrón 

Spanish turron season’s early this year. Turrón’s are Spanish festive/Christmas/Holidays season sweets. Traditionally made of nougat in a rectangular or round cake shape. Modern turróns are large bars of chocolate containing with coconut, nuts, oranges, nougat, biscuits, spirits (the alcoholic sort. Not the ghost of Christmas past, present or future. Or maybe if you eat too many you regret your choices. Bad pun. Sorry not sorry),or are just thicker, bigger bars of regular chocolate bars. Most I can’t have as being vegan many contain eggs and milk. There is one brand that does an egg free nougat which is okay but pricey. Out of probably 50 or different types in my local supermarket I found Virginas Coco Bombon turron that’s sugar free! Sugar cane free. It does have some sweeteners in. I’m not joking I finished it a day. I cycle a lot okay, it was mostly coconut and was so full I had a very small dinner. I have no self control when it comes to some sweets. It was delicious and didn’t have an over sweet taste that most chocolate coconut ice/sweets can have. It wasn’t white coconut filling as the packet suggests. The sweetners made it yellower in colour. 

Boldú Halloween Doughnuts 

Boldú Halloween doughnut figures and their coffins were amazing. Rest in Peace Sweet Pea! Sadly they’d sold out of any vegan halloween doughnuts so I can’t say if they tasted good. Which is probably good seeing as I ate nearly all a turrón in one afternoon this week. I don’t get Boldú doughnuts often as they mess with digestion. TMI I know. As I was in the area passing, I had to check them out! 

Cafe Minamdang

The plot kinda lost itself in the last few episodes however I enjoyed watching Cafe Minamdang on Netflix. Nam Han-Jun, the con shaman’s facial expressions had me laughing. I knew the killer was when first introduced by a slight side eye. Dual screening I was right. The mastermind killer however a black leather jacket and black baseball cap screaming bad boy I wasn’t believing. Too neat and tidy and didn’t match the character. FIY, I have learnt that in any kdrama, the one who wears a double breasted suit is the bad guy, because all bad guys wear double breasted suits like the killer and hitmen wear black jeans, a black jacket and a black baseball cap. Kdrama stereotype bad guys. 

Kitten Burrito 

Miss Señorita Lady Koa, only 6 months old loves blankets as it gets cooler. What to catch a cat? Lay out a blanket regardless of their age.

Internet Finds

Attacked Owl Rescued by fishing crew 100 miles out to sea. BBC News

Secret communication of sea animals discovered. BBC News

Why are the monkeys descending from the trees? El Pais in English 

Red and Yellow Barbet

Just because! Barcelona Zoo

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below! Have a great week ahead!

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