Beach Weekend

Here’s still misbehaving like it’s September. Staying true to my Britishness and starting with the weather. If you google “Why do the British always….’ and go down a rabbit warren of why are the British like we are, the top 6 pull down searches are all true. And tea. We love tea, hot tea, not cold iced stuff.

The past few mornings have been cooler and cloudy. Not the usual hot August. Saturday was low key. A quick late morning workout at home (which felt odd as I’ve been trying out gyms to join the week) and as soon as the clouds cleared, you bet I was at the beach! And it was so tranquil. Bliss. Thanks to the clouds earlier, few people were there. The sun was strong, a cool breeze and I was sound asleep, listening to the waves. It’s amazing how deep in sleep you can be yet still hear what’s going on around.IMG_9489

I was grateful to wake up to an overcast sky Sunday. I had a 14km run planned and the past few long runs, it’s been hot with a lot of *water breaks*, aka: stop, walk, get it together, run. I’ve only just started running this distance in the past few weeks and my body is adapting to the longer distance. My long runs are usually 10km, with less or next to none *water breaks* in hot weather. The cooler temperature made it easier to breathe with fewer rests. 12km in however I started to get sciatic/hamstring pain. Sicatica I have issues with every now and then. This time’s culprit Bosu single leg deadlifts. I’ve been making up for not having access to one for 3 years. Some yoga afterwards helped, but rest and the Osteopath is best. Rest, hmmm.

The halfway turn around point had a Grease feel it to. Not all of this route is a pretty. IMG_3522

We’d decided in the week to go at some point over the weekend to Castelldefels, a 20 minute motorbike ride from Barcelona. Castelldefels is beautiful. 5km beach of silky sand, sand dunes and warm water you can wade quite a way out unlike the city beaches where 3 metres out it’s up to your shoulders. The 5km of beach is wide open to the sea, which means it’s open to the wind. We checked the temperature, but we didn’t check the wind. Soft sand is the best unless you’re being whipped by it. We tried to find a spot behind those with chairs and parasols to lessen the wind. It worked somewhat until they and those in front of them packed up and left, then the sand really hit. I’m still getting sand out my phone.

The wind however was perfect for jumping waves. I haven’t had so much fun in ages! The water was warm so I didn’t mind getting dunked! I’m not keen of being unable out of my depth in water, but as it was so shallow and the waves manageable, I was okay being pushed around. I felt like a big kid and alive! Simple things really are the best.

How was your weekend?  Anyone else get to behave like a big kid?






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    What gorgeous photos! I make it a point to behave like a big kid each day. It helps that I work with kids. Rest that hamstring and take care. I know all about Brits and tea. I’m a diehard Corrie fan 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! I prefer teaching kids English to adults. It’s a lot more fun! I love it now the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are making themselves known in the USA and Canada. I don’t watch much British TV now, mostly American shows. That’s not to say I don’t when I can. I prefer dramas to soaps, like Luther or Sherlock Holmes!

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