Coconut Hair Mask

There I was, cleaning the shower, wiping it down, getting it all clean and shiny only to accidentally turned it on and end up with one side of hair and back dry and the other side soaked. Clever girl. Fortunately I didn’t have to be anywhere afterwards otherwise it would have taken some explaining.

At the weekend, my hair happily took beating of salt water as I jumped waves. I’m not a big swimmer. In the summer, I’ll tread water for a while to cool down, but I don’t like being out of my depth, so if my toes can just touch the bottom or I’m a few strokes away from being able to, I’ll happily jump waves.IMG_9533

Salt water as many of you know is great for the beach hair look. And if you can’t get the beach, fake it with a surf/beach spray (I love Alterna)! Salt water as I’ve learnt also wrecks havoc with my hair. Over time it makes my hair dry, lifeless and full of split ends as the salt removes moisture leaving it dehydrated.IMG_7409As I combed out the tangles from waves I could feel it drying out. It needed coconuts. Coconut oil to be exact. In addition to many of it’s other amazing properties coconut oil makes a great inexpensive hair mask. Just wet hair (hair absorbs better when it’s wet), squeeze out any excess and apply the oil (If the oil is solid, no need to heat it up, it melts at touch. Extra virgin is better if you can get it) throughout the hair. How much is up to you. A little goes a long way. Wrap hair up in a bun and leave for 30-40 minutes. Rinse out, shampoo and condition as normal et viola you have silky soft shiny hair. Just another reason why I love coconuts.

Do you use DIY hair masks? Are you a coconut fan?


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