Photo Backlog Highlights

I can’t believe it’s mine and AJ’s (the cat) zodiac month already!

Looking at my phone camera roll and photo stream there’s so many photos I had intentions of posting on Instastories, only to forget and become irrelevant. Photos for blog posts that never materialised, way too many zoo photos and future blog photos. So this catch up’s a little of the same yet a little different. That photos that were to be yet never were for the last 2 months as things have been a little crazy to keep a regular blogging schedule.

Sunday mini hike around Parc Collsorola over looking the city/Barcelona.

Hiking Easter Monday in Parc Garraf, Stiges. The day was grey until 10 minutes before sunset when the sun came out, lightening up exploring where we probably shouldn’t in the grounds of an abandoned house. Cat flap, old fashioned doorbell and 2 torch holders above the door. 

Waves crashing the jetty one beach run. IMG_0999

Why, the zoo too!

RainlightSunbathing :)

More beach runs. The gym’s going great. I’m enjoying only spending an hour, an hour 20 minutes as I have to sprint cycle to climbing afterwards. Some days I feel like I’ve spend an hour jumping around racing against the clock as opposed to actually working out. Climbing I’m getting better and loving the challenge it gives me. I’m no longer the only girl in my class (yet I prefer hanging out with the guys climbing. Less chit chat, more climbing!). I can feel I getting stronger and finally applying what we’ve been learning, like using the wall as a balance or addition hold as well as the holds to reach. As the climbs get more technical and harder I’m meeting the mat more making me appreciate how humbling it is. IMG_0959

Paint shopping opting for eco paint, metal tins, wooden paint brushes and as little plastic as possible. The peat’s penguin poo or guano! 

Spring’s late this year with temps not as high as usual. Seeing trees all dressed up, flowers and sunny skies makes me happy!Cycling though Parc de la Ciutadella

Do you take photos to share and never do? Have a great weekend!

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