Cala Castell, Castell Cap Roig And The Zoo

I hope you had a great weekend! 

Spring as I like it arrived this Sunday. A sunny 18-20C making me one happy girl! Okay, maybe not being impatient wanting to wear shorts now and knowing that’s it’s not quite warm enough for shorts yet. Soon Nat, soon!

This weekend we got out the city again to walk more of the Camin de Ronda or part of the old anti smugglers route along the Costa Brava. The way to find path starts is to ignore the sat nav once you’re the chosen costal town, seeing where the car ends up letting your inner explorer take over. Back tracking however to Friday the cats had another vet visit. 

Diesel’s doing better but he’s still not 100% and isn’t processing fat resulting in his coat not looking so good and turning rusty brown in patches. Aj lost weight when I thought he’d put some on. For him that’s a good thing. The vet gave some diet forms to fill in to send to a colleague to work out if something in their diet over the past few years has triggered his issues. 

The day turned drizzly and stopped when I made the zoo. The sun came out for a few minutes which made all the difference. No rainbows, just amazing light through the clouds.Table set for the capybaras. They’re generous hosts. 

Saturday was so grey and rainy you didn’t know what time it was unless you checked. My mood matched the day and when we finally got out we had an hour to run around looking at cameras before closing time. Not even Tone It Up Studio App workouts help lift  my mood. 

Sunday I took my pale legs out for their first run in shorts this year! I probably blinded some people by how pale they are, whatevers. Normally when I first put shorts on after a winter of legging’s I’m surprised how short they are. This time I was so happy to wear them, only thinking about thinking every new season they’re short. No surprises this year how short.

Run and lunch done we headed to Palamos about an hour and 20 minutes up the coast (up into Catalan ‘Republic’ territory. Republic flags everywhere with the free the political prisoners yellow ribbons graffitied everywhere with yellow ribbons lining motorway fences. No breadcrumbs needed to find the way back to the car. Follow the yellow loops on trees and you’re good. I joked we might be better off speaking English not Spanish if we needed help) to see if we could find more of the Camin de Ronda.

We did, about a 5-6km walk to Castell Cap Roig along Cala Castell (cove) which we want to go back and explore. Up on the cap’s the old Iberian town of Castell and I mean old. 6th century BC to 1st century. We explored a few ruins however most are closed off for archaeological digs. The sun had disappeared behind clouds when we got theres and the path in patch was stinky. A mix of rotting chicken and seafood. Dried on a few rocks were oval purple onion looking slices. Freaky.

Yellow ribbon bread crumbs. Every other tree had a tag. As usual I took way too many photos. I don’t take photos every twist and turn. I get bored after a while (kinda, I still keep taking them!) and remind myself to enjoy the hike. Detour climbing over rocks  The light was fading fast and it was getting late otherwise we’d have walked the rest of the cap. Next time, maybe earlier to enjoy the sparkling blue turquoise green water and rugged coastline.Views from the old Iberian town. Light was fading so please excuse the noise.

There was enough light hiking back the car only using the torch/flashlight when needed. The best bit about the whole hike was hearing the frogs singing exiting the trail back to the car 🙂

How was your weekend? Have a great week ahead!


  1. says:

    Glad to read Diesel is getting better. I hope your vet finds the answers soon.
    Happy Spring! Although yesterday we had an ice storm. It’s looking more like January here…not April.

    1. says:

      Thank you! He’s doing better and back to his cheeky self answering back. He’s still not 100% however he’s eating and with normal poo!

      Spring’s late here in temps too. It’s not as warm as usual but I think I’ll be in shorts full time very soon 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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