Recycle Less. Easy, Inexpensive, Plastic Free Travel iPad/Tablet Case

Welcome to another edition of Recycle Less where I share tips, finds and ideas to reduce plastic waste. This edition features an easy inexpensive travel iPad or tablet case.

I’ve mentioned in recent Recycle Less posts at the moment I’m kinda at a standstill with recycling less. I’m not going out buying plastic free items until said items need replacing as that defeats recycling less. Food packaging and beauty products are still my number one plastics. If I can I choose the plastic free or less plastic packaging option and most I forget to share. 

Call my stingy, around New Year we went away for night up the road to get out of the city. I’m notorious for dropping my phone, iPad, anything it gets dropped. I’m not clumsy in the traditional sense of the word, I’m usually going faster than my brain can process the reaction time okay 😀. I can’t remember if I had an iPad travel case before but as a quick case I used a jiffy bag I’d recently ordered a diary in. It fitted fine and kept it padded enough should it fall out my bag or my hands. 

A Jiffy Green padded bag size 3 fits fine for a 6th generation iPad Pro model A1980

It worked fine for a few more trips until my last trip where it ripped. Being a Jiffy Green padded bag the padding is made of paper fluff. That’s the only way I can describe it! The fluff got everywhere! Anyway, I had ordered next year’s dairy from the same place so that jiffy bag is next year’s iPad travel case! 

Plain, but can easily be decorated by stickers or paper. I thought I’d be embarrassed on the plane taking it out. To be honest nobody batted an eyelid as the case was in the seat pocket when not in use or when stowing the ipad on take off. It happily fitted my phone and earbuds for take off in too. It’s not glamorous, colourful but it did the job fine. When it’s ripped again I feel happy throwing it out as paper is more widely recycled than plastic of any kind. Just remember to remove the address sticker or cover it up for safety and you’re good to go.

Please share in the comments below plastic free travel ideas!

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