Weekend Friday Favourites

As I missed last weeks Weekend Friday Favourites, that it’s now way past my bedtime for a school night with heavy eyelids I can just keep open, a short Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have been making me smile or caught my eye this week.

New Gym Equipment


My gym’s renovations are nearly complete. This week I’ve been making friends with ugi balls, sandbags, kettlebells and enjoying space to play in.  Though I have kettle bells and a sandbag for home workouts, it’s been fun this week getting reacquainted with them. Workouts now have a extra layer of fun, functionality and a fresh outtake.

Neogen, Canadian Clay Pore CleanserOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When you first apply this mud mask it snaps crackles and pops as the tiny carbonate charcoal capsules are activated. It dries within 5 minutes making it a perfect short on time mud mask. It’s like popping candy for the face! It’s been helping keep blackheads under control the past few weeks. It’s a little expensive, however a little goes a long way providing you keep it air tight with the additional lid provided. Every time I’ve use it, I get excited over the capsules popping!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Bike, The Best Idea in the World IMG_8581

Barcelona’s government this year is having a big drive on promoting it’s Bicing service, cycling as transport with posters and notices around the city. This one makes me smile whenever I see it. The bike, the best idea in the world. Yep.

Longer DaysIMG_8803

It doesn’t get dark dark until around 9.50pm. 3 weeks until summer!


When I go to chat with the hill myna, the first ones I always say hello to are the owls. The way they sit, look at you is yes, pay your respects. These are the babies born this year.

Internet Finds

Puppy left at a ball park becomes part of the team.

Tone It Up Coconut Cutie Bars. They sound yummy though I’ll have to sub cashews with peanuts

CNN how to take great underwater photography 

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!

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