Light: Late Autumn

Happy New Year! Happy Winter! 

Could it be that I’m back posting more regularly? Maybe, just maybe. 

Last year as for many was a little crazy and disoriented. I don’t even know where last year went. I still took as many if not more photos than usual. Especially of my summer world, under the sea.

While warm springs and hot summers have my heart, cool autumns and what currently feels like summer Artic for winter (it’s super cold this year) hold it for light. The sun’s lower giving warm crisp yet bright cool hazy almost golden hour light all day. Or when it’s sunny. Last autumn was cloudy sunny than bright sunny. Zoo hours have changed, closing an hour earlier than previous years. It’s a little more tricky to make it and when I do, if it’s sunny I get amazing light! Some days the light’s so pretty I don’t to leave. If I find warm sunny sheltered spot with birds and few humans I almost want to freeze time to enjoy it longer. I don’t want to face what’s outside the gates when I leave. Everything feels just right at that moment.

I went to see my Mum and Dad in November. The UK felt a month ahead being further north with morning light. Warm morning golds which are like January mornings here in Spain. Yes, the sun does shine in the UK. 

Sunrise light UK
Beer, Dorset, UK
Hooken Cliffs, Dorset, UK

I made a new friend at the zoo last year! I use the smaller zoo entrance and started sorting out my rucksack and camera by OAP lemur and resident white greater nosed monkey Ursula’s enclosure. Lemurs as they get older get kicked out the troop (as do meerkats!). The zoo houses the lemurs with Ursula. She started coming to see me, checking out what’s in my bag and now it’s my thing to do when I get there, say hi to her, show her my bag, camera, scrunchie, lip balm, water. She sees me, then takes about 3 minutes checking it’s safe to come down if she’s up high to say hi. The security guards noticed, told me her name and that she’s the only white greater nosed monkey in Europe! I think she came to the zoo from a being pet, I’m not sure. Everybody likes to say hi to her. At the moment when I pass by, she’s usually fast asleep in the sunshine snuggled up to the lemurs or waiting to go inside for the night.

That glow!
November’s beaver moon

Part of Barcelona in November held a light exhibition. I only found out cycling back along the beaches! The rest of the exhibition was scattered over Poble Nou. I was happy just to see the beach installation. That said, I’d like to this year to check out the others if they hold it again!

Thank you for stopping by!


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  2. says:

    Well, hello! 😀
    Do you think this winter is being very cold? I’m finding it very mild! (Been in Cáceres since May, don’t remember if you knew haha).

    1. says:

      Hehehe! That’s because you can from cold China winters 🥶 It’s since got warm, but December was colder than usual as was most of January for here anyway.

      I’ve been following your return to Spain on IG and here! I can’t wait for the reason why when allowed to share. I’ve got pieces of it from the comments people leave but not 100% true. Must have been a little scary regardless

      Happy New Year!! 🐯🐅

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