Weekend Friday Favourites

After a long hiatus Weekend Friday Favourites is back!

How’s your weekend going? I’ve had some many Weekend Friday Favourites planned over the past 2 months. Planned in my head that never materialised, photos taken never shown. Maybe it’s been lack of motivation or time scheduling with the beach calling. I think it’s more my time management abilities and prioritising the beach. Summer’s only here a little while. Anyways this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that caught my eye or made me smile recently. 


These have been happy sad. Happy the colours, sad the sun’s moving and the days are getting shorter as we head towards autumn fall. I know a lot are like, Autumn, Fall my favourite season’s nearly here! That’s not me. Longer hot summer days are my favourite season. 

Just Because. AJ and D


Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

Ever since Sephora España started stocking Frank Body I’ve been working my way through the range. Even more so when I found out Frank Body themselves ship directly to Europe from Australia with free European shipping (they get past Spanish customs with import country I think Sweden or another Nordic country) offering more in their range. I’ve tried other coffee body scrubs and they’be been kinda harsh to apply as they contain sugar. Initially I was this isn’t working, I can’t feel any exfloiainting bits! Afterwards however I really noticed the difference, how much smoother my skin felt. I have their original scrub to try next before attempting to make my own version. There’s quite a bit of plastic packaging I’m not sure recyclable. To prevent the bag getting wet inside in the shower (tip, don’t apply it with the shower running. Switch it off and apply) with wet hands or coffee stuck along the seal to reseal, I decanted it into a masion jar which makes it east to tip out and apply. 

Sea Colours 

I haven’t been feeling running recently. I think it’s a combination of the heat and time scheudeluing. It’s also started to feel like a chore which isn’t good as I do sometimes enjoy running. To try and help shift this feeling I switch one of my routes up and run Badalona pier. I’m still scared I’ll drop my phone or sunglasses, but the mental aspect of someplace new has been good. Plus the water in the right light looks amazing!  Reverse sunsets are also popping at the moment as it’s been cloudy most days around sunset.


Whichever you call them. I have my Australian girlfriends to thank for these. I’ve only ever seen them in workout gear however on their IG pages they love summer. Flowy dresses, femimine, colourful a little boho, all the things I’m not. I met them half way, this summer venturing into playsuits and light weight shorts/skater shorts. I have Brandy and Meville too to thank for this. I started wearing them on hotter days and they made all the different cycling!  I’ve hardly worn denim shorts my usual summer staple since mid July. I can’t tell you how much cooler they are to wear and how much fun it is pairing nicer shorts and tops! I’m hoping I can continue this into the winter. Not the playsuits or shorts, having more fun with clothes without being mutton dressed as lamb. 

Rich People Problems. Kevin Kwan

I had a few tears when I finished Rich People Problems, the last in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. I had got to know the characters so well and then it was over. Just like that. I’ll miss them! It took me longer to read than the other 2 books in the series and I did feel the ending was a little rushed compared to the build up. It was a great read that had me laughing out aloud many times. Sadly too, I don’t think the movie Crazy Rich Asians based on the first book will be released in Spain. I’ve got my fingers crossed Netflix will and didn’t take the hump the director and Keven Kwan didn’t want to make the movie with them.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Netflix

Image courtesy of Google Images.

If you love teen high school romance movies, you’ll love this one! Based on the book by Jenny Han, Lara Jean played by Lana Condor (who’s fantastic in it. She had me laughing and crying) her little sister unbeknown to her, sends out her secret love letters that were never to be read to all her previous crushes. They receive them one by one. One of them is the popular guy wants to get back with his ex the popular girl while Lara tries to avoid her big sisters ex boyfriend also a recipient who she likes at the moment, so they form a fake relationship. You can guess the story line from there! I don’t care if the book or trilogy is aimed at teens, I ordered it that very same day! As did everyone else who watched it. amazon.co.uk had sold out so my order’s on back log. I’ve loved it so much it’s up there with Grease. Grease, in my eyes will always be the ultimate teen movie. This is very very close second.

Zoo Photos

A few of my favourite recent photos of the Barcelona Zoo residents. Most of the time, it’s the greenery and nobody around at the end of the day I’ve been craving recently. Living in a city can get repetitive grey and noisy.

DSCF7025Defying gravityDSCF6805Play timeDSCF7187

Burpee Squats

Burpee squat may not have the same intensity as full burpee or a cross fit burpee, they still up there in intensity. They work a little more inner thigh, booty and outer thigh. Starting in a plank, jump feet to the outside of your hands in a squat, bringing hands to chest height while maintaining a squat position. Lower hands to shoulder width on the floor and immediately jump back to a plank (or at the same time. It feels like you’re flying like with full cross fit burpees), jump back to a squat. Taking the squat to the outside of the shoulders works the inner/outer thighs a little more. 

Internet Finds

Lots of BBC News and animal finds. What’s new?

The 103-year-old-pianist. BBC News

Hawaii has officially banked sunscreen chemicals that kill coral reefs. One Green Planet

Colombian sniffer dog moved after threats by drug gang. BBC News

The Maasai boy who chased away lions. BBC News

Lemur extinction: Vast majority of species under threat. BBC News

Plastic pollution: How one woman found a new source of warming gases hidden in waste. BBC News

‘The Little Old Ones’: Belgium’s retirement home for elderly animals. BBC News

Crow vending machine skills ‘redefine intelligence’. BBC News

Uganda’s food waste warrior aims to help farmers. BBC News

Earliest galaxies found ‘on our cosmic doorstep’. BBC News

The cycling start-up company turning trash into cash. BBC News

India’s ‘biggest’ pet rescue operation in Kerala floods. BBC News

The birds that follow planes to get home. BBC News. 

What’s been making you smile recently? Please share in the comments below!

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