2018 Summer Essentials

As Summer starts to whisper it’s see ya laters, its light transitioning from bright light to a ever so slightly softer fall light, I share my Summer Essentials. I’m not letting my favourite season go just yet.

Some of my summer essentials are summer tried and tested or all year round favs. Others are ones I’ve just discovered or started using this year, thinking why didn’t I do this sooner?!

Light Weight Shorts and Tops

For years I’ve been denim shorts girl. This summer I ventured into lightweight fabric shorts and rompers. Namely culottes or high waisted shorts. I can play with them more. I started wearing them on hot days really noticing the difference they made cycling. On holiday I started wearing them all the time. Why didn’t I started wearing them previous summers? So much cooler, airy and breathable. Same with strappy or cami tops. Last year I mainly stuck with t-shirts. This could be because I couldn’t find any nice cami tops back then. This year it’s been so much cooler to wear both when it really gets hot. I haven’t given up on denim shorts just yet. They’re perfect for late spring and early autumn. 


This is a given. Protect those eyes and help slow down those wrinkles from squinting. 


I’m a baseball cap girl. I started wearing one a few years ago to try to stop my hair looking messy from the wind and prevent moisture loss from the wind. I mostly wear one running, hiking or cycling. Rest of the time, no hat for those sun kissed highlights. Hats also help prevent sun damage and headaches. Hiking and running on hot days not only does a cap help soak up sweat but it helps ward off nasty headache and migraines. 


Cruelty free, no animal ingredients and preferably vegan SPF for me. Sadly for the amount of body spf I get through I can’t afford vegan spf’s as the quantities are so small for the price. However SPF is a must if you don’t want too much sun damage. It’s not foolproof, if you tan that’s a sign of damage. This summer I’m using A-Derma Avoine Rhealba Protect, Fragile Skin SPF50. I like it. It’s great running as it’s not too sticky and has kept me mostly burn free at the beach. Only in areas I didn’t apply properly I burnt! The parent company isn’t cruelty free as they sell in China. I’m hoping it is cruelty free. My initial research back in May said it wasn’t. Finding same results now, Internet’s gone quiet. If however their commitments are correct, they shouldn’t test. It’s expensive, however Primor nearly always has on on double discount. It doesn’t leave a white cast or have a much of a scent.

For my face I’ve been using So Natural by Sven Gohla Lab, Sebum Control Water Sun Gel, SPF50 a Korean brand. As far as my research has found it’s cruelty free. Sometimes researching if Korean brands are cruelty free’s like a mine field. The best bit is it’s lightweight perfect for oily skin, doesn’t leave a white cast and sits well under makeup. 

And SPF lip balms. These are hit and miss. Some leave a white gunky mess, some are okay but taste ergh. Currently I’m using Eco Lips SPF15 in Berry. 

I really want to try out carrot oil and raspberry oil as natural SPF. This is something I’ll look into as it gets cooler and I’m less likely to burn within an hour. 


Sandals rule summer. After nearly doing in my achilles a few years ago I was told only shoes a back heel support. Sandals are okay if they have an ankle support. I got so used to wearing trainers in recovery they stuck. I occasionally wear sandals however I’ve found my feet don’t as hot, dirty or tired as when I wore flip flops and sandals in trainers. That not to say I don’t like wearing sandals, I do. This year I couldn’t find any I liked that weren’t leather or made from cheap plastic so trainers again this summer. At home always bare feet running around.  

Top Knot

I can’t believe I’ve just started wearing top knots. My hair’s fine so up it looks like little nugget not the big gorgeous top knots you usually see. Now my hair’s longer the nugget looks a little fatter. Running and at the gym for about 2 years I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun (previously on in the summer to keep it off my face. Running it’s still in a bun as I wear a cap. Plus it helps prevent my hair being damaged from sweat, suncream and the wind). This year I’ve taken the bun higher to a top knot and it’s so much nicer in weight, tension, style and sweeps my face up rather than backwards if you get me. Plus it’s perfect at the beach. No tangles! 

Sweatproof Mascara 

Waterproof’s great but it’s not sweatproof! Anybody who wears mascara working out knows about racoon eyes. Earlier this year I started using Tarte Cosmetics Lifted Sweatproof Mascara. I was hesitant initially as it’s black brown rather than black. It’s more on the black side. Marketed as sweat proof mascara the test has been with summer HIIT workouts. It lives up to that. It does not budge, run or smudge. In the sea it’s the same, except lashes will clump together, it doesn’t run. Bonus it’s vegan. Down side shipping prices. Up until about May you could order 2 online, now only 1 per customer and shipping’s nearly as much as the masacra. It’s worth it and Tarte every now and then has free shipping. 


The most essential summer essential. Keeps you hydrated throughout the day and helps comeback fatigue, dehydration etc. My bags are always heavy as I lug around a 1 litre aluminium water bottle.

Orange Juice

There’s something about a cold glass of orange juice at the end of a long hot day or after a workout. It also helps keep glucose levels up which is essential during hot weather. Every now and then to break it up, I switch out to tropical juice. 

Simple Bracelets 

This is another I’ve started this year. I love wearing rings and bracelets but in hot weather they can wear you down. Rings become more difficult to remove at the end of the day thanks to heat swollen fingers. Big bracelets can becoming annoying in the heat. This summer I’m leaving rings until autumn fall and only wearing a few light weight chain bracelets. Missoma’s been my go to this summer. 

What are your Summer Essentials? Please share below!

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